Dr. Lori A. Phillips

Image Lori Phillips
Research Scientist

Dr. Phillips is a microbial ecologist who investigates the soil biological processes that maintain and enhance agro-ecosystem productivity and sustainability. 

Current research and/or projects

  • Lead. Investigating the diversity and function of soil microbiome-viro​me interactions in Canadian agro-Ecosystems
  • Lead. ​ Understanding the role of the soil microbiome in promoting resilient and sustainable agroecosystems
  • Co-lead. Genomic-enabled​ analysis of soil biological networks sustaining agro-ecosystem equilibrium
  • Co-lead. Impacts of crop rotation and cover crops on agro-ecosystem resilience
  • Co-lead. Understanding soil suppressiveness​ towards the Sudden Death Syndrome/soybea​n cyst nematode disease complex
  • Collaborator. Ontario Living Lab Program (Soil Health theme lead)
  • Collaborator. Environmental Change Onehealth Observatory (ECO^2): A framework for sustainable and resilient ecological goods and services for agro-ecosystems​, from the microbiome to the river basin scale
  • Collaborator. Sustainability measures to monitor and analyze the environmental impact of Canadian agriculture
  • Collaborator. Coordinated site network for studying the impacts of 4R nutrient management on crop production and nutrient loss
  • Collaborator. Precision agricultural technologies to identify and mitigate the spatial variability of N2O emissions and crop growth across a landscape.
  • Collaborator. Identifying water-efficient​ practices that co-deliver maximum benefits for tree fruit production & climate change mitigation
  • Collaborator. Unique cover crops, rootstocks, and irrigation techniques for Canadian vineyards

Research and/or project statements

Dr. Phillips’ research program investigates the soil biological processes that maintain and enhance agro-ecosystem productivity and sustainability. She uses molecular tools to understand how the ecosystem services provided by these biological communities can be managed or optimized at different scales, from the level of the plant through to the level of the landscape. This research is governed by three primary objectives within the context of soil health: 1) to develop new metrics to quantify the role of soil biology in enhancing soil and ecosystem health, 2) to generate new knowledge on the role of soil biota in supporting agricultural systems that are resilience to environmental and climate stresses, and 3) to provide information that enables farmers to sustainably intensify their production systems.


Peer-reviewed Publications (2015-2021)

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