Dr. Linda Vrbova

Senior epidemiologist
  • National coordination of surveillance for domestic (e.g. West Nile , California serogroup, and Eastern equine encephalitis viruses) and travel-related mosquito-borne diseases (e.g. chikungunya, dengue, Zika)
  • Assessment of risk posed by domestic and inernational zoonotic and vector-borne diseases using narrative and semi-quantitative risk assessment methods; development of tools to support rapid risk assessment of infectious disease events; rapid risk assessment of COVID-19 risk transmission to/from animals: domestic animals (cats, dogs), livestock (cattle, pigs, poultry), and other (mink)
  • Detection, management, coordination and investigation of clusters and outbreaks of zoonotic and vector-borne infectious diseases at the federal level as well as development of relevant guidance materials

Key publications

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