Dr. Kumar Sadayappan

Research Scientist

Conduct research in non-ferrous metals manufacturing technology

Current research and/or projects

I got into research to explore new possibilities and because I had a passion to solve problems by looking for common paterns. Since the last 20 years, I have been a research scientist at Natural Resources Canada. My current research activities include alloy development, casting process development, high pressure die casting and non-ferrous casting alloy metallurgy. 

Professional activities / interests

  • Adjunct Professor at Western University, Mechancial and Materials department, where I co-supervise a Ph.D Student.
  • Adjunct Professor at McMaster University, Mechanical Engineering department.

Education and awards


Ph.D. in metal casting, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India, 1994.   

M.Sc. in Engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 1990.

Bachelor of Engineering, Annamalai University, India, 1986.

Awards and distinctions:

Fellow of ASM International, 2015.

Howard Taylor Award from the AFS, 1998 and 2014. 

AFS Scientific Merit Award, 2005.

Key publications

  1. Sadayappan, G. Gegel, D. Weiss and M. Sahoo, “Development of an Aluminum alloy for Elevated Temperature Applications”, Proceedings of Conference, Shape Casting: 3rd International Symposium, TMS 2009, Feb 2009.
  2. Sadayappan, W. Kasprzak, Z. Brown, L. Ouimet, and A.A. Luo, “Characterization of magnesium automotive components produced by super-vacuum die casting process”, Materials Science Forum, Volume 618 619, 2009, Pages 381-386.
  3. P Ashtari, K. Tetley Gerard, K. Sadayappan, “Removal of iron from recycled aluminum alloys”, Canadian Metallurgical Quarterly, 2011.
  4. Li, K. Sadayappan, D. Apelian, “Role of Grain Refinement in the Hot Tearing of Cast Al-Cu Alloy”, Metall. Mater. Trans. B, Vol: 44, No:3, pp: 614-623, 2013.