Dr. Keith Dewing

Carbonate Stratigrapher

Research in geology of sedimentary basins

Current research and/or projects


I work on lower Paleozoic stratigraphy of the Canadian Arctic Islands. My work has previously focused on Zn-Pb deposits and petroleum systems of the Arctic Islands. My current research focuses on the stratigraphy of Banks Island and Victoria Island.

Professional activities / interests

Education and awards

Ph.D in Geology, University of Western Ontario, 1995.

Key publications

  1. Dewing, K., Pratt, B.R., Hadlari, T., Brent, T., Bedard, J., and Rainbird, R.H. 2013. Newly identified impact structure, Prince Albert Peninsula, northwestern Victoria Island, Arctic Canada.  Meteoritics and Planetary Science, v. 48, p. 211-223.
  2. Reid, S., Dewing, K., and Sharp, R. 2013. Structural and diagenetic origin of breccias in the carbonate-hosted Polaris Zn–Pb deposit, Nunavut, Canada. Ore Geology Reviews, v. 55, p. 110-124.

  3. Dewing, K., and Obermajer, M. 2011. Chapter 38: Thermal maturity of the Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada and its bearing on hydrocarbon potential. In: M. Spencer, D. Gautier, A. Stoupakova, A. Embry, K. Sørensen (eds.) Arctic Petroleum Geology, Geological Society of London, Memoir v. 35, p. 567-580.

  4. Dewing, K., Harrison, J. C., Pratt, B.R., and Mayr, U. 2004. A probable Late Neoproterozoic age for the Kennedy Channel and Ella Bay formations, northeastern Ellesmere Island and its implications for passive margin history of the Canadian Arctic.  Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, v. 41, p. 1013-1025.

  5. Dewing, K. 1999. Late Ordovician-Early Silurian strophomenid brachiopods from Anticosti Island, Québec. Paleontographica Canadiana, no. 17, 143 pp.

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Research facility

3303-33 Street NW
Calgary, AB T2L 2A7


Adjunct professor, Departement of Geosciences, University of Calgary.