Dr. Karen Fong

Image Karen Fong
Research Scientist

Dr. Fong leads a food microbiomics research program that is focused on investigating pathogen mitigation (Salmonella, Verotoxin-producing E. coli). Her group primarily uses omics technology to characterize novel approaches to ensure the safety and security of the Canadian food supply. Additional research interests include: food and environmental metagenomics, antimicrobial resistance, and microbiology of fresh produce commodities.

Dr. Fong holds a PhD in Food Science from The University of British Columbia.

Key publications

  1. Sharifi, M., C Moffat, D. Ensing, S. Debnath, J. MacDonald, J. Pollard-Flamand, K. Fong, L. Malunga, S. Joseph, V. Marshall, B. Rabie, T. Nelson, C. Harlton, and D. Martin. 2022. Revitalizing knowledge of scwicw’s growing conditions, propagation and preservation. Report to Neskonlith Indian Band.

    2022 - View publication details

Research facility

4200 Highway #97
Summerland, BC V0H 1Z0