Dr. Jonathan Griffiths

Image Jonathan Griffiths
Research Scientist

I am a molecular plant biologist and virologist who studies viral diseases of tree fruits, grapevines, small berries, and tomatoes.

Current research and/or projects

I employ molecular biology and genomics approaches to study the interactions between plant viruses and fruit crops. Major research areas include approaches to surveying viral extent and diversity in agricultural settings, studying the molecular nature of viral infection in stone fruits and tomatoes, and development of resistance to major viral diseases in stone fruits and tomatoes.

Research and/or project statements

Current projects:

-Plant virus surveillance using bees

-Investigating the cause of tree fruit decline

-Development of resistance to Plum pox virus in peach

-Development of resistance to Tomato brown rugose fruit virus

-Genomics of grapevine viruses

Education and awards

Ph.D. UBC Botany, 2013

AgreenSkills post-doctoral Fellowship, Marie Curie Co-fund, 2015-2017

Key publications

  1. Burlakoti, R. R. Novinscak, A. and Griffiths J. 2023. Exploiting host resistance in managing tomato brown rugose fruit virus. Plant Health 2023, Annual Meeting of American Phytopathological Society. Denver, CO, USA. August 12-16, 2023

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    2022 - View publication details

  5. Burlakoti, R. R. Novinscak, A., and Griffiths, J. 2022. Identification of sources of resistance for tomato brown rugose fruits virus. Poster presented at 2022 Tomato Brown Rugose Fruit Virus Research Symposium, August 17-18, 2022, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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  10. Griffiths, J., Ellouze, W. 2021. Rapid Apple Decline research updates. Ontario Apple Growers Annual Report.

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Research facility

1391 Sandford Street
London, ON N5V 4T3


Adjunct Professor, Brock University

Associate Editor, Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology