Dr. Jinwen Chen, P. Eng.


Research on hydrocarbon conversion, oil sands upgrading and petroleum processing.

Current research and/or projects


When I started my university life at Tianjin University as a chemical engineering student, my dream was to become an engineer in a chemical plant wearing hard hat, steel-toed boots and plant uniform – it is kind of cool.  As I learned more and more what chemical engineering  is about, I became interested in research and hoped to invent something new in the future, which led me to obtain my Master and Ph.D. degrees in chemical engineering.  Since then, I have been doing research covering a broad range of subjects on chemical/petrochemical engineering and technology, and on oil sands bitumen upgrading and petroleum refining. As the director of hydrocarbon conversion program at CanmetENERGY Devon of NRCan, I am leading a group of professionals to develop innovative technologies to efficiently convert oil sands bitumen into clean transportation fuels and to minimize the associated environmental impacts. I am also honored to represent NRCan and Canada in a number of international expert panels to advance the research and technology development in my field.  

Research and/or project statements

Current Research Projects:

  • Oil sands bitumen upgrading, partial upgrading, petroleum refining technology development.
  • Process modeling, simulation, optimization and life cycle assessment on GHG emissions of oil sands development.
  • Multiphase reactor design and scale-up. Catalysts and catalytic processes development.
  • Biomass conversion and co-processing biocrudes with conventional and unconventional petroleum.
  • Advanced bitumen, heavy oil and petroleum chemistry.

Professional activities / interests

  • Serve in national and international expert panels on energy, transportation fuels, and petroleum.
  • Serve as expert reviewer of national and international research proposals on energy, oil sands bitumen, petroleum refining, GHG emissions, and life cycle assessment.
  • Serve as expert reviewer of manuscripts for publication in many scientific journals.
  • Give presentations and lectures in national and international conferences, workshops, and university seminars and lectures.

Education and awards

B.Sc. (1984), M.Sc. (1987) and Ph.D. (1990) in Chemical Engineering from Tianjin University, China.


International experience and/or work

Associate Professor, Tianjin University, China

Research Associate, Washington University in St. Louis, USA

Research Scientist, University of Calgary.

Key publications

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