Dr. Jidong Kang, P.Eng., I.W.E.

Research Scientist

Mechanical testing and welding

Current research and/or projects


I am a research scientist at CanmetMATERIALS (CMAT), Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. I have extensive research experience in both experimental studies and modeling in mechanical behavior of structural materials, physical metallurgy and welding mechanics for a wide range of engineering materials.

Research and/or project statements

Current Research Projects:

  • Quantitative microstructure-mechanical property relationship and constitutive modeling in materials and joints (e.g. resistance spot welds and self-piercing rivets).
  • Structural integrity of pipe steels (e.g. stress corrosion cracking and fracture mechanics).
  • Advanced materials characterization techniques (e.g. digital image correlation and X-ray computed tomography).

Professional activities / interests

  • Professional Engineer registered in the Province of Ontario
  • Member, ASTM International, Canadian Standard Association
  • Supervise coop, undergraduate and graduate students
  • Networking: David S. Wilkinson (McMaster U), Kaan Inal (U of Waterloo), David Sigler, Blair Carlson, Raja R. Mishra (General Motors Global R&D Centre), Xuming Su, Carlos Engler-Pinto, Katherine Avery (Ford Motor Company Research and Innovation Centre), Kevin Gong (Constellium ASNA)

Education and awards


  • B.Eng. Welding Equipment and Technology, Nanchang Hangkong University, 1987.
  • M.Eng. Experimental Mechanics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, 1990.
  • D.Eng. Welding, Tianjin University, 1994.
  • International Welding Engineer, International Institute of Welding, 2008.


Key publications

  1. Kang, Jidong, Zheng, Wenyue, Bibby, Darren, Shalchi Amirkhiz, Babak, Li, Jian, Initiation of Stress Corrosion Cracks in X80 and X100 Pipe Steels in Near-neutral pH Environment. Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 25:227-240, 2016.
  2. Muhammad Waqas, Mohammadi Mohsen, Kang, Jidong, Mishra, R.K., Inal, Kaan, An elasto-plastic constitutive model for evolving asymmetric/anisotropic hardening behavior of AZ31B and ZEK100 magnesium alloy sheet subjected to monotonic and reverse loading paths. International Journal of Plasticity, 70: 30-59, 2015.
  3. Kang, Jidong, McDermid, J.R., Bruhis, M., Determination of the constitutive behavior of AA6022-T4 aluminum alloy spot welds at large strains. Materials Science and Engineering A, 567:95-100, 2013.
  4. Hosokawa, A, Wilkinson, D.S., Kang, Jidong, Maire, E., Effect of triaxiality on void growth and coalescence in model materials investigated by X-ray tomography. Acta Materialia, 60(6-7), 2829–2839, 2012.
  5. Kang, Jidong, Wilkisnon, D. S., Wu, P.D., Bruhis, M., Jain, M., Embury, J. D., Mishra, R., Constitutive behavior of AA5754 sheet materials at large strains. ASME Journal of Engineering Materials and Technology, 130(3), 031004-1-5, 2008.

Research facility

183 Longwood Rd South
Hamilton, ON L8P 0A5


  • Adjunct professor, Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, McMaster University.
  • Adjunct professor, Dept. of Mechanical and Mechatronics Engineering, University of Waterloo.