Dr. Jess Vickruck

Current research and/or projects

- Beneficial insect biogeography in agri-environmental ecosystems

Education and awards

PhD Biology (Ecology and Evolution), Brock University, 2017

MSc Biology (Ecology and Evolution), Brock University, 2010

BScH Zoology, University of Guelph, 2006

Key publications

P Galpern, J Vickruck, JH Devries, MP Gavin (2020) Landscape complexity is associated with crop yields across a large temperate grassland region. Agriculture, Ecosystems & Environment 290, 106724

Purvis, EEN, Vickruck. J, Best, LR, Devries, JH, Galpern, P. (2020) Wild bee community recovery in restored grassland-wetland complexes of prairie North America. Biological Conservation 252, 108829

Vickruck, J , Best, L.R, Gavin, M.P, Devries, J. Galpern, P. (2019) Pothole wetlands provide reservoir habitat for native bees in prairie croplands. Biological Conservation, 232: 43–50.

Vickruck, J.L. and Richards, M. H. (2017) Nesting habits influence population genetic structure of a bee living in anthropogenic disturbance. Molecular Ecology, 26: 2674–2686.

Vickruck, J.L. (2015) Development of sixteen novel microsatellite markers for the eastern carpenter bee, Xylocopa virginica (Hymenoptera: Apidae), through paired-end Illumina sequencing. Conservation Genetics Resources 7: 427–429.

Vickruck, J.L. and Richards, M.H. (2012) Niche partitioning based on nest site selection in the small carpenter bees Ceratina mikmaqi and C. calcarata. Animal Behaviour 83: 1083–1089.

Vickruck, J.L., Rehan, S.M., Sheffield, C.S. and Richards, M.H. (2011) Nesting biology and barcode analysis of two cryptic species within Ceratina dupla, with comparisons to C. calcarata (Hymenoptera: Apidae: Xylocopinae). The Canadian Entomologist 143: 254–262.

Richards, M.H., Rutgers-Kelly, A., Gibbs, J., Vickruck, J.L., Rehan, S. M. and Sheffield, C.S. (2011) Bee diversity in naturalizing patches of Carolinian grasslands in southern Ontario. The Canadian Entomologist 143: 279–299.

Vickruck, J.L., Huber, J.T. and Richards, M.H. (2010) Natural enemies of the bee genus Ceratina (Hymenoptera: Apidae) in the Niagara Region, Ontario Canada. Journal of the Entomological Society of Ontario 141: 11–26.

Research facility

850 Lincoln Road
PO Box 20280
Fredericton, NB E3B 4Z7


Canadian Society for Ecology and Evolution

Entomological Society of Canada