Dr. Jennifer Provencher

Image Jennifer Provencher
Research Scientist

I work on a variety of wildlife health issues across Canada. Much of my work focuses on contaminants and pathogens in seabirds, including plastic pollution. I lead the northern seabird contaminants long term monitoring program, and have several projects across Canada focusing on the fate and effects of plastic pollution, including plastic additives in wildlife. 

Key publications

Sarma NS, Thomas P, Naz S, Pauli B, Crump D, Zahaby Y, O’Brien J, Mallory ML, Franckowiak RP, Gendron M, Provencher JF. 2022. Metabolomic profiles in relation to benchmark polycyclic aromatic compounds (PACs) and trace elements in two seabird species from Northern Canada. Environmental Research. 204, 112011. 10.1016/j.envres.2021.112022.

Sherlock C, Fernie K, Munno K, Provencher JF, Rochman C. 2022. Microplastics in an aerial insectivore: Tree Swallows (Tachicyneta bicolor) as potential monitoring tools for microplastics in terrestrial environments. Science of the Total Environment. 150453 doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.150453

Smith RA, Albonaimi S, Hennin HL, Grant HG, Fort J, Parkinson KJL, Provencher JF, Love O. 2021. Exposure to cumulative stressors influences laying phenology and incubation behaviour of an Arctic breeding seaduck. Science of the Total Environment. 150882  doi.org/10.1016/j.scitotenv.2021.150882

Jardine AM, Provencher JF, Pratte I, Holland ER, Baak JE, Robertson GJ, Mallory ML. 2021. Annual plastic ingestion and isotopic niche patterns of two sympatric gull species at Newfoundland, Canada. Marine Pollution Bulletin. 173 (Part A), 112991. doi.org/10.1016/j.marpolbul.2021.112991

Teboul E, Drever M, Provencher JF, Wilson L, Orihel DM, Harrison A. 2021. Chemical identification of microplastics ingested by Red Phalaropes (Phalaropus fulicarius) using Fourier Transform Infrared spectroscopy. Marine Pollution Bulletin 171: 112640. 10.1016/j.marpolbul.2021.112640.

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Research facility

Carleton University, 1125 Colonel By Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 0H3