Dr. Jeanne B. Percival

Research Scientist

Head Mineralogy, Geological Survey of Canada, Central Canada Division

Current research and/or projects

Dr. Jeanne B. Percival, P.Geo.

 Dr. Percival completed her B.Sc. at Concordia University (Geology), her M.Sc. at Queen’s (Physical Geography) and her Ph.D. at Carleton University in 1990 (Earth Sciences). In her dissertation, Dr. Percival examined uranium migration through a natural clay barrier from a highly enriched ore body (Cigar Lake, Saskatchewan) as a natural analogue for high level nuclear waste containment.  She continued this research within an international group (AECL, SKB, DOE etc.) examining natural analogues through a post-doctoral fellowship at the Geological Survey of Canada followed by employment a year later as a Research Scientist.  She was awarded the 1990 Ontario Ministry of the Environment Excellence in Research Award for her thesis in the area of liquid and solid waste research.


Dr. Percival has achieved national and international recognition for her work in clay mineralogy and environmental geochemistry. She brings her expertise to bear on a variety of multi-disciplinary projects, spanning sea-floor research, exploration in uranium-rich basins, and environmental issues including abandoned mines and children=s health. Dr. Percival has authored/co-authored over 100 research and technical publications.  She currently leads the mineralogy and physical properties (MPP) laboratory network within the GSC-Science Lab Network, is a Fellow of the Geological Association of Canada, Secretary and Newsletter Editor for the Environmental Earth Sciences Division of the Geological Association of Canada and Treasurer for the International Clay Society, the Association International pour L’Etudes des Argiles (AIPEA), and a registered professional geoscientist in Ontario.

Key publications


Key Publications


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