Dr. James Reist

Section Head, Arctic Fish Ecology/Assessment

Current research and/or projects

Present research includes: principal investigator for the Beaufort Regional Environmental Assessment - Marine Fishes Project (2012-2016) and Canadian Beaufort Sea - Marine Ecosystem Assessment (2017-present) to document marine fish diversity, habitat usage, and ecosystem roles/linkages in the offshore Canadian Beaufort Sea and western Arctic. Also oversees a genetics and genomics research program investigating stock structure of key exploited fishes and the use of environmental DNA as an assessment tool for aquatic biodiversity and invasive species. Oversees a freshwater habitat research program in NWT for key 'at risk' fishes; oversees a biodiversity assessment program in support of Species at Risk; and oversees a coastal fishes research program in support of marine conservation and protected areas initiatives.

Research and/or project statements

Past research includes: resolution of taxonomic identities for chars, stock structure in coregonines, development of coastal and inland fish and ecosystem assessments in western Arctic; diversity studies on Arctic Char in eastern Arctic. Past activities in Arctic Assessments include participation in Arctic Biodiversity Assessment; Snow, Water, Ice and Permafrost in the Arctic Assessment; Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fourth Assessment Report, as well as internal DFO climate change risk assessments.

Education and awards

Education: BSc(Hons) - U of Calgary, 1975; MSc - Evolutionary Ecology of Brook Stickleback - U of Alberta, Dr. Joe Nelson (supervisor), 1978; PhD - Systematics of Esocoid Fishes - U of Toronto/Royal Ontario Museum, Dr. Ed Crossman (supervisor), 1983; Visiting Fellowship in Canadian Government Laboratories (NSERC) at Freshwater Institute (DFO), Winnipeg, 1984-1985; Research Scientist (DFO) Winnipeg, 1986-present.

Key publications

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