Dr. Ian R. Bradbury

Image Bradbury, Ian
Research Scientist

Dr Ian Bradbury is a research scientist with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. Originally from Newfoundland he completed his PhD in 2007 at Dalhousie University and started with DFO in 2010. His research uses genomic tools to inform the conservation and management of marine and anadromous species from throughout North America.

Key publications

Bradbury IR, Hubert S, Higgins B, Bowman S, Paterson I, Snelgrove PVR, Morris C, Gregory R, Hardie D, Hutchings J, Bentzen P (2013) Genomic islands of adaptive divergence and their consequences for the resolution of spatial population structure in an exploited marine fish. Evolutionary Applications 6(3): 450-461.

Bradbury IR, Hamilton, LC, Robertson MJ, Bourgeois CE, Mansour A, Dempson JB (2014) Landscape structure and climatic variation determine. Atlantic salmon genetic connectivity in the Northwest Atlantic. Canadian Journal Fisheries Aquatic Sciences 71(2): 246-258

Bradbury IR, Bowman S, Borza T, Snelgrove PVR, Hutchings J, Berg PR, Rodriguez-Ezpeleta N, Lighten J, Ruzzante DE, Taggart C, Bentzen P (2014) Long distance linkage disequilibrium and limited hybridization suggest cryptic speciation in Atlantic cod. PLOS One 9(9): e106380.

Bradbury IR, Hamilton LC, Rafferrty S, Meerburg D, Poole R, Dempson JB, Robertson MJ, Reddin DG, Bourret V, , Dionne M, Chaput G, Sheehan TF, King TL, Candy JR, Bernatchez L (2015) Genetic estimates of local exploitation of Atlantic salmon in a coastal subsistence fishery in the Northwest Atlantic. Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 72(1): 83-95.

Bradbury IR, Hamilton LC, Dempson B, Robertson MJ, Bourret V, Bernatchez L, Verspoor E (2015) Transatlantic secondary contact in Atlantic salmon, comparing microsatellites, a single nucleotide polymorphism array, and restriction-site associated DNA sequencing for the resolution of complex spatial structure. Molecular Ecology 24: 5130-5144.

Bradbury IR, Hamilton LC, Chaput G, Robertson MJ, Goraguer H, Walsh A, Morris V, Reddin D, Dempson JB, Sheehan TF, King T, Bernatchez L (2016) Genetic mixed stock analysis of an interceptory Atlantic salmon fishery in the Northwest Atlantic. Fisheries Research 174: 234-244