Dr. Fatima BELAYAT

Image Fatima BELAYAT
Senior Specialist

- Supervisor Science Laboratory Services

- Supervise staff and ensure support services to the multidisciplinary work units

Supervisor of the Scientific Support and Service Unit

Biosafety Officer

Professional activities / interests

- Provide scientific information and advice to laboratory management on biosafety practices and issues

- Deliver accreditation to private laboratories involved in the "Program to maintain Canadian Health Accredited Herds for Bovine Leukosis" and the "Equine Infectious Anemia Disease Control Program"

- Audit of OIE (World Animal Health Organization) and FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization) reference laboratories

Education and awards

- Veterinary Medicine degree, University of Constantine (Algeria)

- MSc Degree in Veterinary Science (Pathology), University of Constantine (Algeria) and University of Liège (Belgium)

- PhD in Veterinary Medicine (Immunopathology) awarded with  the mention "Highest distinction", University of Liège (Belgium)

- 2 President National Awards (CFIA)

- 1 Head of the Public Service of Canada Award

-  2 Local Recognition Program Awards (Centre opérationnel du Québec) 

International experience and/or work

- Research and Teaching Assistant in Pathology (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine - University of Liège - Belgium)

- Professor of Animal Pathology and Physiopathology (Institute of Veterinary Medicine - University of Constantine - Algeria)

- Director of several theses in Veterinary Medicine

- Chief Auditor or Audit Assistant for the OIE and the Joined OIE/FAO Committee (3 Lab audits in France and Burkina Fasso including one biosafety audit)

Key publications

Some examples :

- La Tremblante : Encéphalopathie Spongiforme Transmissible des petits ruminants - Le médecin vétérinaire du Québec, Volume 33, N°1 et 2, 2003

-  In vitro effect of glucocorticoids on phagocytic function of sheep alveolar macrophages - British Veterinary Journal, Volume 155, Issue 2, March 1998, 177-181

- Le macrophage alvéolaire de mouton: Purification et identification - Annale de recherche vétérinaire (1990) 21, 205-209

- Several publications on pathological cases in various animal species

- MSc (1982) and PhD(1997) Thesis

Research facility

3400 Casavant Blvd. West
Saint-Hyacinthe, QC J2S 8E3



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