Dr D. Gwyn Lintern, PhD

Research Scientist

Research in Marine Geoscience, Activity leader North Coast Marine Geohazards

Key publications

Lintern, D.G., Hill. P.R., Stacey, C., 2016. Powerful unconfined turbidity current captured by cabled observatory on the Fraser River delta slope, British Columbia, Canada. Sedimentology in press.

Hill, P.R, Barrie, J.V., Kung, R., Lintern, D.G, Mullan, S., Li, M.Z., Shaw, J., Stacey, C., Todd, B.J., 2015. Geological and geophysical site characterization for marine renewable energy development and environmental assessment; CSA Express Document EXP03-2015, 2015: 131 pages

Lintern, D.G. and Haaf, J., 2014. Modeling the Mackenzie River Basin: Current Conditions and Climate Change Scenarios; Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 5531. doi:10.4095/293313

Ayranci, K., Lintern, D.G., Hill, P.R., and Dashtgard, S.E., 2012. Tide-supported gravity flows on the upper delta front, Fraser River delta, Canada. Marine Geology, (in press).

Lintern, D.G., Jakes, H., Macdonald, R., Grant, J., 2012. Beaufort Sea storm and resuspension modeling, Journal of Marine Systems, (in press).

Lintern, D.G., and Hill, P.R., 2010. An Underwater Laboratory at the Fraser River Delta. Eos Transactions American Geophysical Union, vol. 91, no 38, p. 333.