Dr. Chunsheng Li

Image Li, Chunsheng
Research Scientist

Research in Radiation Health Assessment and Protection

Current research and/or projects

Conducting research in and developing methods for accurate assessment of internalized radionuclides in human to support radiation emergency response and occupational health management

Developing capabilities in radiation emergency population monitoring

Conducting research in radiation protection associated with nuclear medicine

Leading the development of the Canadian Radiation Emergency Medical Management Guide

Professional activities / interests

Member, ISO TC85/SC2 WG13 (Internal Dosimetry) and WG22 (Nuclear Medicine)


Member, Global Health Security Initiative, RN Threats WG

Education and awards

B.Sc. Radiochemistry, Lanzhou University, 1992

M.Sc. Nuclear Chemistry, China Institute of Atomic Energy, 1995

Ph.D Nuclear Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 1998

Key publications

Publications (2010-2011)

Kui Yu, Yi Cui, Chunsheng Li, Badruz Zaman, Ruth Wilkins, Xiaohua Wu, Jiangying Ouyang, Optical response of CdSe quantum dots to Cs-137 gamma radiation, J. of Nanoscience and Nanotechnolog, 10:1819-1824, 2010

Chunsheng Li, Baki Sadi, Heather Wyatt, Michelle Bugden, Nicholas Priest, Diana Wilkinson, Gary Kramer. Metabolism of Po-210 in rats: volatile Po-210 in excreta. Radiat. Prot. Dosimetry, 140(2): 158-162, 2010 

Baki Sadi, Chunsheng Li, Sara Jodayree, Edward Lai, Vera Kochermin, Gary Kramer. A rapid bioassay method for the determination of 90Sr in human urine sample.  Radiat. Prot. Dosimetry, 140(1): 41-48, 2010

Chunsheng Li, Slavica Vlahovich, Xiongxin Dai, Richard Richardson, Joseph Daka, Gary Kramer. Requirements for radiation emergency urine bioassay techniques for the public and first responders. Health Phys. 99(5): 702-707, 2010 

Chunsheng Li, Karima Benkhedda, Sergei Tolmachev, Lisa Carty, Raymond Ko, Deborah Moir, Jack Cornett, Gary Kramer. Measurement of U-236 in human tissue samples using solid phase extraction coupled to ICP-MS. J. Anal. At. Spec. 25(5): 730-734, 2010

Amy Hrdina, Edward Lai, Chunsheng Li, Baki Sadi, Gary Kramer. A comparative study of magnetic transferability of superparamagnetic nanopartiles. J. Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 322:2622-2627, 2010 

Chunsheng Li , Baki Sadi, Karima Benkhedda, Nadereh St-Amant, Gerry Moodie, Raymond Ko, Anthony DiNardo, Gary Kramer. Method comparison for Am-241 emergency urine bioassay. Radiat. Prot. Dosimetry, 141(3): 228-232, 2010 

Baki Sadi, Chunsheng Li, Ali Masoud, Raymond Ko, Gary Kramer. An emergency urine bioassay method for Am-241 for extraction chromatography and liquid scintillation counting. Radiat. Prot. Dosimetry, 141(2): 134-139, 2010 

Baki Sadi, Chunsheng Li, Negar Bahraini, Edward Lai, Gary H Kramer. Selectivity of Sr-90 urine bioassay technique over Am-241, Pu-239,240, Po-210, Cs-137 and Co-60. Radiat. Prot. Dosimetry, 141(2): 205-209, 2010 

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Chunsheng Li, Raymond Ko, Gerry Moodie, Gary Kramer. Evaluating the performance of the ORTEC Detective for emergency urine bioassay. Radiat. Prot. Dosimetry (doi: 10.1093/rpd/ncq464), 2011

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Chunsheng Li, Baki Sadi, Heather Wyatt, Michelle Bugden, Diana Wilkinson, Gary Kramer. Excretion of volatile I-131 from rats following administration of NaI-131 or MIBG-I-131. Radiat. Prot. Dosimetry (doi: 10.1093/rpd/ncq332), 2011

Joseph Daka, Gerry Moodie, Chunsheng Li, Ruth Wilkins, Gary Kramer. Laboratory evaluation of a spectramax microplate reader and test strips for field measurement of creatinine in spot urine samples in an event of a radiological accident. Health Physics, 101(2): 154-158, 2011

Negar Baharaini, Edward Lai, Chunsheng Li, Baki Sadi, Gary Kramer. Molecularly imprinted polymers for 90Sr urine bioassay. Health Physics, 101(2): 128-135, 2011

Amy Hrdina, Edward Lai, Chunsheng Li, Baki Sadi, Gary Krmaer. Rapid 90Sr bioassay using magnetic cation exchange polymer suspension.  Health Physics, 101(2): 187-195, 2011

Chunsheng Li, Gary Kramer. Revised requirements for radiation emergency bioassay techniques for the public and first responders. Health Physics (doi: 10.1097/HP.0b013e318217fb48), 2011

Baki Sadi, Chunsheng Li, Gary H Kramer, Cassandra Johnson, Queenie Ko, Edward Lai. Rapid determination of Ra-226 in water samples using dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction coupled with liquid scintillation counting. J. Radioanal. Nucl. Chem. 290(2): 415-425, 2011

Chunsheng Li, Nancy Elliot, Sergei Tolmachev, Stacey McCord, Tom Shultz, Youqing Shi, Gary Kramer. Measurement of uranium isotopes in human tissue samples by TIMS. J. Anal. At. Spec. 26: 2524-2527, 2011

Research facility

775 Brookfield Road
Ottawa, ON K1A 1C1


Health Physics Society (Medical Response Committee)

EURADOS WG7 (Internal Dosimetry)

Carleton University (adjunct professor)