Dr. (Christine) Xiaoji Liu

Current research and/or projects

[Co-PI] Genomics R&D Initiative (GRDI) - AMR2: Probiotic approaches in Canadian aquaculture to reduce use of antibiotics

[Collaborator] Advancing phosphorus management in Canadian manured soils using ecosystem approach to improve use efficiency and ensure one health

Research and/or project statements

Mitigation of antimicrobial resistance in aquaculture (Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout)

Improvement of the postharvest microbial safety and quality of salmon 

Education and awards

Ph.D University of Alberta (2014)

Key publications

  1. Liu, X.; Floate, K.D.; Gorzelak, M.A.; Holman, D.B.; Hrycauk, S.; Kubota, H.; Lupwayi, N.; Neilson, J.A.D.; Ortega Polo, R.; Petri, R.M.; Tran, L.; Wang, H.; Wilches, D.; Yang, X.; Zorz, J.; Guarna, M.M. Prairie Agroecosystems: Interconnected Microbiomes of Livestock, Soil and Insects. Agriculture 2023, 13, 326. https://doi.org/10.3390/agriculture13020326

    2023 - View publication details

  2. Liu, X.; Robinson, S.M.C. 2022. PacBio Sequencing to Explore Microbiome Communities of Aquaculture Environments. 2nd Annual BioNet Conference - Genome Alberta. Calgary. 2022, May 25-27.

    2022 - View publication details

Research facility

6000 C and E Trail
Lacombe, AB T4L 1W1


CMSA- Canadian Meat Science Association