Dr. Cariton Kubwabo

Research Scientist

Research Scientist, Human Biomonitoring and Exposure Science

Current research and/or projects

  • Principal Investigator: Multimedia Exposure to Replacement Chemicals of Emerging Concern and Selected CMP3 Chemicals.

  • Co-Principal Investigator: Identification and Quantitation of Chemical Substances in E-Cigarette Refill Fluids and Vapors.

  • Co-Principal Investigator: Identification of Biomarkers of Exposure in Users of Tobacco and Vaping products.

Research and/or project statements

  • The ultimate aim of Dr. Kubwabo’s research is the development of novel, improved, and cost effective analytical methods for biological and environmental monitoring of organic chemicals of emerging concern.

Professional activities / interests

  • Research scientist, Leader of the Biomonitoring Laboratory in the Exposures and Biomonitoring Division, Environmental Health Science and Research Bureau.

  • Supervises Coop-students and Co-supervises MSc theses.

Education and awards

  • Ph.D., Chemistry, Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium)

  • NSERC Postdoctoral Fellowship

Key publications

Yang C, Harris AS, Jantunen LM, Siddique S, Kubwabo C, Tsirlin D, Latifovic L, Fraser B, St-Jean M, De La Campa R, Youg H, Kulk R,  Diamond LD. Are cell phones an indicator of personal exposure to organophosphate flame retardants and plasticizers? (2019) Environment International 122: 104-116.

Fan X, Kubwabo C, Wu F, Rasmussen PE. Analysis of Bisphenol A, Alkylphenols and Alkylphenol Ethoxylates in NIST SRM 2585 and Indoor House Dust by Gas Chromatography-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS/MS). (2019) Journal of AOAC International, 102 (1): 246-254

Kosarac I, Kubwabo C, Warren GF. Quantitative determination of nine urinary metabolites of organophosphate flame retardants using solid phase extraction and ultra performance liquid chromatography coupled to tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS). (2016) Journal of Chromatography B 1014: 24-30.

Fan X, Kubwabo C, Rasmussen PE, Wu F. Non-PBDE halogenated flame retardants in Canadian indoor house dust: sampling analysis and occurrence. (2016) Environmental Science and Pollution Research 23: 7998-8007.

Kubwabo C, Kosarac I, Lalonde K, Warren GF. Quantitative Determination of Free and Total Bisphenol A in Human Urine Using labelled BPA-glucuronide and Isotope Dilution Mass Spectrometry. (2014) Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 406: 4381-4392.

Fan X, Kubwabo C, Rasmussen PE, Wu F. Simultaneous determination of thirteen organophosphate esters in settled indoor house dust and a comparison between two sampling techniques. (2014) Science of the Total Environment 491-492: 80-86.

Kubwabo C, Rasmussen P E, Fan  X, Kosarac I, Wu F, Zidek, A, Kuchta S L. Analysis of selected phthalates in Canadian indoor dust collected using household vacuum and standardized sampling techniques. (2013) Indoor Air, 23(6), 506-514.

Kosarac I, Kubwabo C, Lalonde K, Foster GW. A novel method for the quantitative determination of free and conjugated bisphenol A in human maternal and umbilical cord blood serum using a two-step solid phase extraction and gas chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry. (2012) Journal of Chromatography B 898: 90-94.

Kubwabo C, Kosarac I, Stewart B, Gauthier G, Lalonde K, Lalonde P. Migration of bisphenol A from plastic baby bottles baby bottle liners and reusable polycarbonate drinking bottles. (2009) Food Additives and Contaminants 26 (6): 928-937.

Monroy R, Morrison K, Teo K, Atkinson S, Kubwabo C, Stewart B, Foster W, Serum levels of perfluoroalkylated substances in human maternal and umbilical cord blood samples. (2008) Environmental Research 108 (1): 56-62.

Research facility

251 Sir Frederick Banting Driveway
Ottawa, ON K1A 0K9



  • Member of the American Chemical Society (ACS)

  • Member of the American Society for Mass Spectrometry (ASMS)

  • Member of the International Society of Exposure Science (ISES)



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