Dr. Boyd Mori

Image Boyd A. Mori
Research Scientist - Insect Ecology

Development of integrated pest management strategies for field and horticultural crops.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Current research and/or projects

In order to develop integrated pest management strategies, I meld basic and applied research incorporating behavioural, chemical, and molecular ecology to understand and exploit the biology of insect pests, their host plants and natural enemies.

Research and/or project statements

Current Projects:

  1. Ecology of swede midge-host plant interactions.
  2. Understanding the impact of Contarinia sp. (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) on canola production across the Prairies.
  3. Development of a pheromone-based monitoring system for a newly identified Contarinia midge on the Canadian Prairies.
  4. Gene-for-gene mediated resistance to midge in wheat and canola.
  5. Identification and development of monitoring tools for insect pests of quinoa on the Prairies.

Professional activities / interests

Regional Director, Entomological Society of Canada (2017-2020)

Education and awards

Degrees and Training

Postdoctoral Fellowship - Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Alnarp, Sweden, 2014-2016

PhD (Ecology) - University of Alberta, 2014

BSc (Animal Biology) - University of Alberta, 2009

BSc (Immunology and Infection) - University of Alberta, 2007


Early Career Research and Leadership Award - International Branch of the Entomological Society of America, 2018

Key publications

For a complete list of publications, please visit: AAFC Online

  1. Mori BA, Andreassen L, Heal JD, Dupuis JR, Soroka J, Sinclair BJ (Accepted) A new species of Contarinia Rondani (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae) that induces flower galls on canola in the Canadian Prairies. The Canadian Entomologist
  2. Mori BA, Dutcheshen C, Wist TJ (2017) Scrobipalpa atriplicella, an invasive insect attacking quinoa, Chenopodium quinoa, in North America. . The Canadian Entomologist, 149: 534-539.
  3. Mori BA, Whitener AB, Leinweber Y, Revadi S, Beers EH, Witzgall P, Becher PG (2017) Enhanced yeast feeding following mating facilitates control of the invasive fruit pest Drosophila suzukii. Journal of Applied Ecology, 54: 170-177.
  4. Mori BA, Davis CS, Evenden ML (2016) Genetic diversity and population structure identify the region of introduction of the invasive red clover casebearer moth, Coleophora deauratella, in North America. Biological Invasions, 18: 3595-3609.

For a complete list of publications please visit my Google Scholar page https://scholar.google.ca/citations?user=9vdiTdwAAAAJ&hl=en&oi=ao


Special Graduate Faculty, School of Environmental Sciences, University of Guelph