Dr. Benetode Konziase, Ph.D.

Senior Scientific Evaluator

My role consists in conducting pharmaceutical safety and efficacy assessments of human prescription drugs for notification of compliance/market authorization in Canada

Professional activities / interests

  • Drug discovery 
  • Drug action (Drug target identification)
  • Drug research in infectious diseases

Education and awards

Ph.D. Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University, 2009

M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Sciences, Osaka University, 2006

B.Sc. Chemistry, Université de Kinshasa, 2001

International experience and/or work

Assistant professeur, Université de Kinshasa, Department of Chemistry, DRC, 2001-2003

Teaching Assistant, Osaka University, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Japan, 2008-2009

Laboratory Analyst, Osaka Gas Chemicals, Research & Development Department, Japan, 2016-2017

Key publications



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