Dr. Anton Alvarez-Majmutov

Research Scientist

Oil sands bitumen upgrading research and development

Current research and/or projects


Computer models are essential tools that chemical engineers use to design chemical processes and develop new technologies. As an undergraduate student, I became fascinated by the prospect of designing these models, and learned to write computer algorithms of mathematical equations that describe various physical and chemical phenomena, with the goal of using them to develop chemical processes. My interest in modelling drove me to pursue MSc and PhD degrees in chemical engineering at the Mexican Institute of Petroleum, where I conducted extensive research in petroleum hydroprocessing and implemented rigorous process models to advance the development and demonstration of technology for heavy oil upgrading. After obtaining my PhD, I began working at CanmetENERGY in Devon, where I have been fortunate to work as a modelling scientist on complex issues in oil sands development. My research serves to improve the energy efficiency of bitumen upgrading processes and develop upgrading and refining technology by advancing our understanding of the chemistry of bitumen and its products.

Research and/or project statements

Current Research Projects:

  • Process simulation of oil sands bitumen upgrading and petroleum refining.
  • Hydroprocessing technology development.
  • Molecular modelling of petroleum and oil sands bitumen.
  • Kinetic modelling of catalytic hydrocarbon conversion processes.

Professional activities / interests

  • Regular reviewer for recognized scientific journals in the field of energy and chemical engineering.
  • Provide technical consulting in refinery process modelling to Canadian universities.  

Education and awards

PhD in Chemical Engineering, Mexican Institute of Petroleum, Mexico City, 2010.

MSc in Chemical Engineering, Mexican Institute of Petroleum, 2006.

BSc in Chemical Engineering, La Salle University, Mexico City, 2003.

Key publications

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