Dr. Anne-Aurélie Sappin

Image Anne-Aurélie Sappin
Research Scientist

Research related to Ni-Cu-PGE, Cr, and Fe-Ti-V-(P) orthomagmatic deposits, rare metal deposits, and indicator minerals

Current research and/or projects

Research interests of Anne-Aurélie Sappin include the use of petrology, geochemistry, mineralogy, and geochronology to study volcanic and intrusive rocks hosting Ni-Cu-PGE, Cr, and Fe-Ti-V-(P) magmatic ore deposits, and rare metal mineralization. In particular, her works focus on the mechanisms responsible for the formation of these mineral deposits and on petrogenesis and geodynamic setting of their igneous host rocks. Anne-Aurélie Sappin is also interested in the study of indicator minerals (e.g., magnetite, ilmenite, chromite, and chalcopyrite) and their trace element contents and isotopic compositions, to determine the geochemical signatures characteristic of the different types of mineral deposits.

Anne-Aurélie Sappin has been part of the Targeted Geoscience Initiative (TGI4 and TGI5) and Geo-mapping for Energy and Minerals (GEM I and GEM II) government research programs. Currently, she is conducting research in the Bird River˗Uchi˗Oxford-Stull˗La Grande Rivière˗Eastmain superdomain (Superior Province), and in the Labrador Trough and Core Zone (Churchill Province).

Education and awards


PhD: Earth Sciences, Université Laval, 2012

MSc: Earth Sciences, Université Laval, 2006

Licence (equivalent to Bachelor’s degree): Earth and Universe Sciences, Université de Nantes, 2004

Bachelor: Geology, Université Laval, 2003



Julian Boldy Award from the Geological Association of Canada (GAC) in 2008

Key publications

Huang, X.-W., Sappin, A.-A., Boutroy, É., Beaudoin, G., Makvandi, S., 2019. Trace element composition of igneous and hydrothermal magnetite from porphyry deposits: Relationship to deposit subtypes and magmatic affinity. Economic Geology 114, 917-952.

Sappin, A.-A., Guilmette, C., Goutier, J., Beaudoin, G., 2018. Geochemistry of Mesoarchean felsic to ultramafic volcanic rocks of the Lac Guyer area, La Grande Subprovince (Canada): Evidence for plume-related magmatism in a rift setting. Precambrian Research 316, 83-102.

Sappin, A.-A., Beaudoin, G., Stevenson, R., Constantin, M., 2017. Sm-Nd isotopic signatures of the St-Honoré, Crevier, and Shortt Lake REE deposits in Quebec (Canada). Proceeding of the 14th SGA Biennial Meeting, 20-23 August 2017, Québec, Canada, 1367-1370.

Bédard, É., Goulet, A., Sappin, A.-A., Makvandi, S., Beaudoin, G., 2017. Chalcopyrite as an indicator mineral to fingerprint mineral deposit types: a preliminary study. Proceeding of the 14th SGA Biennial Meeting, 20-23 August 2017, Québec, Canada, 1115-1118.

Sappin, A.-A., Houlé, M.G., Lesher, C.M., McNicoll, V., Vaillancourt, C., Kamber, B.S., 2016. Age constraints and geochemical evolution of the Neoarchean mafic-ultramafic Wabassi Intrusive Complex in the Miminiska–Fort Hope Greenstone Belt, Superior Province, Canada. Precambrian Research 286, 101-125.

Sappin, A.-A., Beaudoin, G., 2015. Rare earth elements in Québec, Canada: Main deposit types and their economic potential. In: Simandl, G.J., Neetz, M. (Eds), Symposium on strategic and critical materials proceedings, November 13-14, 2015, Victoria. British Columbia Geological Survey, Paper 2015-3, p. 265-273.

Sappin, A.-A., Dupuis, C., Beaudoin, G., Pozza, M., McMartin, I., McClenaghan, M.B., 2014. Optimal ferromagnetic fraction in till samples along ice-flow paths: case studies from the Sue-Dianne and Thompson deposits, Canada. Geochemistry: Exploration, Environment, Analysis 14, 315-329.

Sappin, A.-A., Constantin, M., Clark, T., 2012. Petrology of mafic and ultramafic intrusions from the Portneuf-Mauricie Domain, Grenville Province, Canada: Implications for plutonic complexes in a Proterozoic island arc. Lithos 154, 277-295.

Sappin, A.-A., Constantin, M., Clark, T., 2011. Origin of magmatic sulfides in a Proterozoic island arc – an example from the Portneuf-Mauricie Domain, Grenville Province, Canada. Mineralium Deposita 46, 211-237.

Sappin, A.-A., Constantin, M., Clark, T., van Breemen, O., 2009. Geochemistry, geochronology, and geodynamic setting of Ni-Cu±PGE mineral prospects hosted by mafic and ultramafic intrusions in the Portneuf-Mauricie Domain, Grenville Province, Quebec. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 46, 331-353.