Dr. Ann Therriault

Expert, Geoscience Information and Knowledge Management.

Current research and/or projects


In 1993, I joined the ranks of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan; Energy, Mines and Resources at the time) in Ottawa as a member of the impact crater research group under the supervision of Dr. Richard Grieve. In 2001, I made a career change from an accomplished scientist to the realm of policy analysis. I am currently the Expert, Geoscience Information and Knowledge Management of the GeoBase Division in CCMEO. I contribute to the HR modernization of CCMEO and in making Canadian geoscience information and knowledge discoverable, searchable and accessible. My love for science continues to live via my public and school/university talks and as a guest speaker covering the subjects of impact cratering and meteorites.


Research and/or project statements

  • Information and knowledge management
  • Impact cratering processes
  • Shock metamorphic petrology
  • Terrestrial impact crater geology

Professional activities / interests

Collaboration with Dr. Richard Grieve

Education and awards


B.Sc. from the University of Ottawa, Ontario, 1989.

M.Sc. from the University of Houston, Texas, 1992.

Ph.D. fromt the University of Ottawa, Ontario, 2001.


Earth Sciences Sector Merit Award, Natural Resources Canada, 2010.

Amie Richelieu de l’année, Club Richelieu Alfred-Goulet, 2010.

Department Merit Award, Natural Resources Canada, 2007.

Local Merit Award, Natural Resources Canada (ESS), 2007.

Key publications

Grieve R.A.F, Cintala M.J. and Therriault A., 2006, Large-scale impacts and the evolution of the Earth's crust: the early years. In Processes on the early Earth, Reimold W.U., Gibson R.L., editors, Geological Society of America, Special Paper 405, 23-31.

Therriault A.M., Fowler A.D. and Grieve R.A.F., 2002, The Sudbury Igneous Complex: a differentiated impact melt sheet. Economic Geology 97, 1521-1540.