Dr. Andrew Okulitch

Emeritus Scientist

Current research and/or projects

Okulitch's primary interest in structure and tectonics evolved into international and multi-disciplinary research on the bedrock geology of Canada on land and in the offshore. This research is done jointly with geoscientists throughout Canada, the United States, Europe and Russia, in government, industry and academia. The Geological Atlas provides a gateway to a comprehensive synthesis of regional geology, seamless between the land and sea floor and between Canada and adjacent countries & Studies of the Arctic islands and ocean are relevant to understanding the evolution of the Arctic Ocean and its natural resources. It also provides essential data to implement the Law of the Sea legislation. Current and future work includes compilation of bedrock geology of the Northwest Territories, northern British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, and the Gulf of St. Lawrence region for the Geological Atlas; provision of geological maps to national data repositories and maintenance of standards of geological time for national database.