Dr. Alejandra Duk-Rodkin

Research Scientist

Research and/or project statements

  • Surficial geology mapping project of the southern Mackenzie Valley Corridor. This activity is done in support of: 1. pipeline/road construction; 2. stratigraphic framework and 3. Tertiary/Quaternary history of the landscape and its relationships with climate change.
  • Research on the formation of local ice caps during the last 3 Ma in the Smoking Hills N.W.T. Arctic Coast Canada.  
  • Glacial limits mapping project on the western North West Territories, Canada. This activity involves mapping the extent and paths of glaciers from the mountains and from the plains during glacial times in the last 3 Ma. This research is also done in support of mineral exploration activities in the Mackenzie Mountains.

Professional activities / interests

  • Cenozoic stratigraphy and surficial geology research in N.W. Canada mainly N.W.T., Yukon Territory and east-central Alaska.
  • Collaboration with researchers of national and/or international universities.
  • Publication of reports, articles and/or maps of current research.
  • Presentation of current research at national and/or international conferences. E.g. AGU.
  • Participating in national and/or international research committees e.g. INQUA, CANQUA, International Stratigraphic Committee. Etc.
  • Environmental assessment of geographic areas where mining and/or oil/gas activities are planned e.g. Prairie Creek Mine, Nahanni UNESCO Park; Oil Sands Fort McMurray, others.
  • External examiner for PhD theses.
  • Student mentorship in the field and research.
  • Bringing current research to the public as public lectures, exhibits e.g. permanent exhibit on the geologic history of the Yukon Basin and the origin of placer gold in the region at the Dawson City Museum; explanatory poster cases built along Dempster highway as “viewpoints”; talks at northern communities etc.

Education and awards

B.Sc in Geography, Catholic University of Valparaiso, Chile, 1971.

Ph.D in Geography, Moscow State University, Russia, 1977.

Post doctoral fellow, Moscow State University, 1977-1978.

Key publications

  1. Duk-Rodkin, A., Barendregt, R.W. 2013. Northwestern North America versus South American glaciations: their correlations and differences. In proceedings: International Geological Congress on the Southern Hemisphere, p. 25-27 November, 2013, Vina del Mar, Chile. Charrier R., Herve F., Lodolo E., Menichetti M., Rodriguez and, Tassone A. (Eds). Bollettino di Geofisica (teorica ed applicata). 54:253-256.

  2. Duk-Rodkin, A., Barendregt, R. W. 2011. Stratigraphical record of glacials/interglacials Northwest Canada. In: Ehlers, J., Gibbard, P.L. & Hughes, P,D. (eds), Quaternary Glaciations - Extent and Chronology. Part IV:  A Closer Look, Amsterdam, Elsevier 2011.

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  4. Duk-Rodkin, A., Barendregt, R.W., White, J. 2010. An extensive late Cenozoic terrestrial record of multiple glaciations preserved in the Tintina Trench of west-central Yukon: stratigraphy, paleomagnetism, paleosols and pollen. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences 47(7): 1003-1028.

  5. Zazula, G.D., Duk-Rodkin, A., Schweger, C.E., Morlan, R.E. 2004. Late Pleistocene chronology of Glacial Lake Old Crow and the north-west margin of the Laurentide Ice Sheet. In: Quaternary Glaciations - Extent and Chronology, Part II: North   America, J. Ehlers and P.L. Gibbard (Eds.). Developments in Quaternary Science 2 series editor: Jim Rose p. 347-362. 

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  9. Duk-Rodkin, A., Barendregt, R., Tarnocai, C., Phillips, F. 1996. Late Tertiary to Quaternary record in the Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories, Canada: lithostratigraphy, paleosols, paleomagnetism, and chlorine dating. Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences, 33: 875-895.

  10. Duk-Rodkin, A., Hughes, O. L. 1994. Tertiary-Quaternary drainage of the pre-glacial Mackenzie Basin. Quaternary International, 22/23: 221-241.
  11. Duk-Rodkin, A. 1992-2016. 59 surficial geology and/or glacial limits maps have been published at scales 1:100,000 to 1:250,000 (660,000 Km2) and 2 maps at 1,000,000 scales. These maps cover and approximate area of 1,000,000 Km2. These maps include N.W, Canada and East-Central Alaska. Some of the maps have been co-authored.