Dillon Mazerolle

Image Dillon Mazerolle
Research Engineer

My role is to plan and perform applied research in the field of biomass thermochemical conversion to produce a suite of energy streams and bioproducts from Canadian biomass residues.

Current research and/or projects

Current applied research activities focus on the development of biomass fast pyrolysis processes and strategies for the production of biomass fast pyrolysis oil, among other products, for heat, power, upgrading, chemicals and bioproducts. Focus is on utilization of low quality, sustainable Canadian biomass feedstocks to increase the share of bioenergy in Canada’s energy portfolio.

Other areas of investigative research include:

  • Biomass fast pyrolysis oil post-production treatment pathways for direct utilization applications

  • Assessing impact of biomass feedstock minerals and contaminants in thermochemical conversion processes

  • Detailed Canadian biomass feedstock characterization for advanced conversion processes

  • Biomass fast pyrolysis oil compatibility with common fuel delivery infrastructure materials

Research and/or project statements

Development and Optimization of Multi-Product Biorefinery Processes

Interactions of Forest Resources and Conversion Processes

Pyrolysis Liquids for Immediate Heat and Power Applications

Education and awards

Master of Applied Science (M.A.Sc) in Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa, 2019

Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc) in Chemical Engineering, University of Ottawa, 2016

Key publications

Mazerolle, D.; Rezaei, H.; Bronson, B.; Nguyen, L.; Preto, F. Sieving and Acid Washing as a Pretreatment to Fast Pyrolysis of a High Ash Hog Fuel. Energy & Fuels (2019)

Matta, J. Bronson, B., Gogolek, P.E.G., Mazerolle, D., Thibault, J., Mehrani, P.  Comparison of multi-component kinetic relations on bubbling fluidized-bed woody biomass fast pyrolysis reactor model performance. Fuel, 210, 625-638 (2017)

Research facility

1 Haanel Drive
Ottawa, ON K1A 1M1