Didier Davignon

Scientist in Air Quality Modeling - Issue response in air quality (modelling & analysis)
Environment and Climate Change Canada

Current research and/or projects

Air quality modeling

  • Atmospheric mercury transport, deposition and chemistry on global and regional scales
  • Mercury as a contaminant, including geochemical cycling, anthropogenic emissions, toxicology, public health issues, political and economical issues
  • Atmospheric transport of pollutants to the Arctic and polar atmospheric chemistry
  • Model development in air quality
  • Coupling weather and environmental models

Professional activities / interests

Develops and maintains GRAHM model for atmospheric mercury; Develops the interface with weather model; Develops emission modeling

In charge of GRAHM model evaluation, of analyzing emission scenarios and source-receptor relationships

Education and awards

Master of Science (high energy physics), Université de Montréal

Joint honours in mathematics and physics, Université de Montréal

Key publications

Dastoor, A., D. Davignon, N. Theys, M. Van Roozendael, A. Steffen and P. Ariya. 2007. Modeling Dynamic Exchange of Gaseous Elemental Mercury at Polar Sunrise. Environ. Sci. Technol. 42:5183-5188.

Ariya, P., A. Dastoor, M. Amyot, W. Schroeder, L. Barrie, K. Anlauf, F. Raofie, A. Ryzhkov, D. Davignon, J. Lalonde and A. Steffen. 2004. Arctic: A sink for mercury. Tellus. 56B, 397-403.