Dena L. Schanzer, M.Sc., P.Stat

Senior Statistical Analyst

Research involving the application of complex statistical methods to enhance the understanding of the epidemiology of infectious diseases

Public Health Agency of Canada

Research and/or project statements

  • Geographic spread of influenza
  • Estimation of disease burden attributable to pandemic influenza (H1N1/2009)
  • Linking antiviral treatment to the level of influenza in the community: a look at indicators of influenza activity and clinical diagnosis in the assessment of the likelihood that a patient has influenza

Professional activities / interests

  • Application of statistical methods to public health research
  • Infectious disease epidemiology
  • Multi-disciplinary collaboration
  • Extensive experience working with administrative databases and other large health databases

Education and awards

M.Sc., Mathematics, Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, 1980

B. Math (Hons.) Statistics & Pure Mathematics, with a minor in Economics, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, 1977

P.Stat, Professional Statistician accreditation, awarded by the Statistical Society of Canada, 2009

Key publications

   1.   Schanzer D, Zheng H, Gilmore J, Pelletier L: Statistical Estimates of Absenteeism Attributable to Influenza from the Labour Force Survey.  BMC Infect Dis, in press.

   2.   Schanzer DL, Vachon J, Pelletier L: Age-specific Differences in Influenza A Epidemic Curves: Do Children Drive the Spread of Influenza Epidemics?  Am J Epidemiol, in press.

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