David Hryn

Aquatic Biology Technician - Research supporting, sample collection and processing, mesocosm support

Current research and/or projects

Working as a field/lab technician with several researchers in support of a current programs and projects within the Aquatic Ecosystems Impact Research Division.

  • Organization, and co-ordination of logistics for the pesticide mesocosm studies at AAFC Fredericton field site;
  • Installation and maintenance of sonde data collection systems as part of ongoing research;
  • Collection and analysis of TSS/ chlorophyll-a/water samples as needed.
  • Collection of site physical parameters as needed;
  • Create maps and other visual aids for project staff as required;
  • Perform data compilation and analysis for project as required.

Education and awards

B.Sc. Chem.Eng., University of Saskatchewan 1983

Key publications

Culp, J.M., E.A. Luiker, L. Noel, A.R. Curry, D. Hryn and K. Heard. 2005. Nutrient Status and Criteria Development for the Saint John River, Canada, Using a Weight of Evidence Approach.  p. No. 22, Vol. 1. Proceedings of the N.A. Benthological Society Annual Meeting, New  Orleans, Louisiana.

Culp, J.M., E. Luiker, L. Noel, E. Foster, R.A. Curry and D. Hryn. 2006. Status and effects of nutrient loading on the Saint John River: Final Report. April 2006.