David E. Pelster, Ph.D.

Image David Pelster
Research Scientist

Improving nitrogen fertilizer efficiency and mitigating greenhouse gas emissions from farm systems.

Current research and/or projects




Key publications

  1. Smith, E., McDonald, B., Pelster, D., Glenn, A., Wilson, H., Rodd, V., Kellman, L., Javorek, S. and Dubois, M. Nov. 7-10, 2021. Climate change and wetland eco-services. ASA, CSSA & SSSA International Annual Meeting: A Sustainable economy for sustainable development. Salt Lake City, Utah. Virtual Meeting.

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  2. Scheer, C., Pelster, D., Butterbach-Bahl, K., Cleemput, O. Van, Kanter, D., Winiwarter, W., Ogle, S., Boeckx, P., Fuchs, K., Baggs, E., Bakken, L., Barton, L., Cardenas, L., Clough, T., DelGrosso, S., Dorich, C., Friedl, J., Hu, C., Leitner, S., Massad, R., Peterson, S.O., Skiba, U., Smith, W., Subbarao, G.V., Vogeler, I. and Wagner-Riddle, C. Addressing nitrous oxide: An often ignored climate and ozone threat. Policy Brief of the workshop on “Climate change, reactive nitrogen, food security and sustainable agriculture” Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany, 15-16 April, 2019. https://mopga.imk-ifu.kit.edu/sites/mopga/files/inline-files/Policy%20Brief%20-%20Nr-Workshop%20Garmisch%20final.pdf

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