Daniel L. Peters, Ph.D., P.Geo.

Image Daniel Peters
Research Scientist - Watershed Hydrologist

Current research and/or projects

Identify, quantify, and model hydrologic and ecological impacts of climate variability and change on water resources and aquatic ecosystems in Canada

  • Watershed hydrology, with expertise in field data collection, analysis, and modelling
  • Impacts of climate variability and change on hydrologic systems
  • Effects of flow regulation and land-use change on hydrologic systems
  • Runoff processes and generation of flood waters
  • Environmental flow needs in Canadian rivers

Professional activities / interests

Graduate Student Supervising Committee Member, Sessional Instructor Hydrology, Directed Studies Instructor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria

Editorial Board, Canadian Water Resources Journal; Manuscript Reviewer - Hydrological Processes, Canadian Water Resources Journal, Nordic Hydrology, Water Resources Research

Professional Geoscientist (P.Geo.) - Association of Professional Engineers & Geoscientist of British Columbia (APEGBC)

Education and awards

Canadian Government Laboratory Visiting Fellow (Environment Canada)

Ph.D. Watershed Ecosystems, Trent University

D.M. Gray Award for Best Student Paper in Hydrology - 26th Annual Scientific Meeting of the Canadian Geophysical Union

Key publications

Monk WA, D.L. Peters and D.J. Baird. 2012. Assessment of ecologically relevant hydrological variables influencing a cold-region river and its delta: the Athabasca River and the Peace–Athabasca Delta, northwestern Canada. Hydrological Processes DOI:10.1002/hyp.9307

Buttle JM, S. Boon, D. Peters, C. Spence, I. Tromp-van Meeveld and P. Whitfield. 2012. An overview of temporary stream hydrology in Canada.  Canadian Water Resources JournaI. DOI: 10.4296/cwrj3703903

Peters D.L., D.J. Baird, W.A. Monk and D.G. Armanini. 2012. Establishing Standards and Assessment Criteria for Ecological Instream Flow Needs in Agricultural Watersheds in Canada. Journal of Environmental Quality. 41:41-51. DOI: 10.2134/jeq2011.0094

Armanini D.G., N. Horrigan, W.A. Monk, D.E. Tenenbaum, D.L. Peters and D.J. Baird. 2012. Influence of Runoff Regime Type on a Macroinvertebrate-Based Flow Index in Rivers of British Columbia (Canada).  Ecohydrology DOI: 10.1002/eco.234

Monk W., D.L. Peters, D.J. Baird and R.A. Curry. 2011 Trends in Indicator Hydrological Variables for Canadian Rivers. Hydrological Processes. 25:3086–3100 DOI: 10.1002/hyp.8137

Armanini D.G., N. Horrigan, W.A. Monk, D.L. Peters and D.J. Baird. 2011. Development of a benthic macroinvertebrate flow sensitivity index for Canadian rivers.  River Research & Applications, 27: 723–737. DOI: 10.1002/rra.1389

Daigle A., D.L. Peters, A. St-Hillaire and D.J.Baird. 2010. Multivariate Modeling of Water Temperature in a Semi-Arid Watershed. Canadian Water Resources Journal. 35(3): 237-258

Peters D.L. and J.M. Buttle. 2010. Flow Regulation and Climatic Effects on Obstructed Outflow and Reverse Flow Contribution in a Northern River-Delta-Lake Complex, Mackenzie Basin Headwaters.  River Research and Application 26(9): 1065-1089. DOI: 10.1002/rra.1314. 

Peters, D.L. and T.D. Prowse. 2006. Generation of Streamflow to Seasonal High Waters in a Northern Delta, Northwestern Canada. Hydrological Processes. 20:4173-4196.

Peters, D.L., T.D. Prowse, A. Pietroniro and R. Leconte. 2006. Flood Hydrology of the Peace-Athabasca Delta, Northern Canada. Northern Rivers. Hydrological Processes. 20:4073-4096.

Peters, D.L., T.D. Prowse, P. Marsh, P.M. Lafleur, and J.M. Buttle. 2006. Persistence of Water within Perched Basins of the Peace-Athabasca Delta, Northern Canada. Wetlands Ecology and Management, 14(3):221-243.

Pietroniro A., B. Toth, R. Leconte, M. Conley, N. Kouwen, D.L. Peters and T.D. Prowse. 2006. Modelling Climate Change Impacts in The Peace and Athabasca Catchment and Delta: III – integrated model assessment. Hydrological Processes. 20:4231-4245.

Gibson, J.J., T.D. Prowse and D.L. Peters. 2006. Hydroclimatic controls on water balance and water level variability in Great Slave Lake. Northern Rivers Ecosystem Initiative Special Issue, Hydrological Processes. 20:4155-4172.

Peters, D.L. and T.D. Prowse. 2001. Regulation Effects on the Lower Peace River, Canada. Canadian Geophysical Union Special Issue, Canadian Geophysical Union - Hydrology Section Special Issue Hydrological Processes, 15(16):3181-3194.

Research facility

University of Victoria, PO BOX 3060 STN CSC
Victoria, BC V8W 3R4


Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria

Associate Fellow, Canadian Rivers Institute, University of New Brunswick