Dale Van Stempvoort

Current research and/or projects

Research on contaminants in groundwater relevant to departmental programs and priorities

  • Assessment of the fate of contaminants and nutrients in groundwater
  • Interaction of groundwater and surface water
  • Analyses of chemicals as tracers of anthropogenic impacts on groundwater and surface water

Research and/or project statements

  • Assessment of the role of groundwater in flux of nutrients and algal blooms in Lake of the Woods, Ontario
  • Assessment of the role of groundwater in the flux of nutrients to headwaters in the Thames River basin, Ontario
  • Detection of alkyl-phenoxy-benzenesulfonates in municipal wastewater
  • Occurence and fate of perchlorate in the Great Lakes basin
  • Assessment of artificial sweeteners as tracers of the flux of wastewater to environment waters 

Professional activities / interests

Past Canadian/department lead on groundwater with respect to the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement and the Canada Ontario Agreement

Co-author of Groundwater Quality sub-indicator in support of the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

Education and awards

Certificate of Recognition, Environment and Climate Change Canada (2017)

Citation of Excellence, Environment Canada (2012)

Ph.D., University of Waterloo

M.Sc., McGill University

B.Sc. (Hon.), University of New Brunswick

Key publications

Robertson, W.D., Van Stempvoort, D.R., Schiff, S.L.  2020.  Nitrogen attenuation in septic system plumes.  Groundwater (in press)

Danielescu, S., Van Stempvoort, D.R., Bickerton, G., Roy, J.W.  2020.  Use of mature willows (Salix nigra) for hydraulic control of landfill-impacted groundwater in a temperate climate.  Journal of Environmental Management 272, Article 111106.

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