D. Wade Abbott, Ph. D.

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Research Scientist

Agricultural Glycomics

Functional Genomics of Carbohydrate Utilization

Intestinal Microbiomes

Carbohydrate Active Enzymes

Current research and/or projects

  1. Principle Investigator. Abbott, DW (PI), Title: “New value streams for Canadian pea proteins and co-products.” SCAP Agriscience Clusters - Bioproducts (AAFC)
  2. Principal Investigator. Abbott DW (PI). Title: “Workshop and Relationship building with the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation.” AAFC-Indigenous Agriculture Science Partnership Program
  3. Co-Applicant. Master, E (PI), Brumer, H, Abbott, DW, Title: “Enzymatic upgrading of biorefinery side-streams.” SCAP Agriscience Clusters - Bioproducts (AAFC) 
  4. Principle Investigator. Abbott, DW (PI), Terry, S (Co-PI), Alexander, TW, Challis, J. Title: “Impact of indigenous plants on bovine-associated microbial communities and climate performance of cattle.” Annual Call (AAFC) 
  5. Co-Applicant. Gruninger, RJ (PI), Petri, R (Co-PI), Abbott, DW, McAllister, TA, Ortega Polo, R, Terry, S. Title: “Application of culturomics and in-silico inhibitor design to identify next-generation​ methane inhibitors that will reduce the environmental footprint of beef and dairy production in Canada.” Annual Call (AAFC) 
  6. Co-Applicant. Bainard, J (PI), Bainard, L (Co-PI), Abbott, DW, Alemu, A., Elsigner, M, Ensing, D., Fressanges, S, Gagne, D, Gorzelak, M., Hannam, K, Hannam, K, Iwaasa, A, Leewis, M-C, Messiga, A, Riendeau, G, Royer, I, Savard, T, Thomas, B, Wallace, R. Title: “SCAP-ASC-01 Beef Cluster Activity 10: Grazing management across western Canada: uncovering the role of the microbiome and implications for forage productivity, carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas emissions.” Beef and Cattle Research Council Agriscience Cluster Projects (AAFC)
  7. Co-Applicant. Terry, S (PI), Abbott, DW, Coates, T, Gruninger, R, McAllister, T. Title: “SCAP-ASC-01 Beef Cluster Activity 14A: Potential for the up-cycling and reduction of food waste in feedlot cattle.” Beef and Cattle Research Council Agriscience Cluster Projects (AAFC)
  8. Co-Principle Investigator. Alexander, TW (PI), Abbott DW (Co-PI), Malmuthuge, N. Title: “SCAP-ASC-01 Beef Cluster Activity 9A - Application of glycomics to enhance resilience against bovine respiratory disease.’ Beef and Cattle Research Council Agriscience Cluster Projects (AAFC)
  9. Co-Applicant. Mupondwa, E (PI), Soolanayakanahally, R (Co-PI), Dumonceaux, T, Abbott, DW. Title: “Biomass and thermochemical conversion technologies for renewable fuels and value-added pathways with potential application in Northern, Indigenous, and remote communities of Canada.” Program of Energy Research and Development (PERD)
  10. Co-Applicant. McAllister, TA (PI), Guan, LL (Co-PI), Abbott, DW. Title: “Meta-transcriptomics to better understand and enhance the digestion of forages in the diets of dairy cows.” Agriculture Funding Consortium, Alberta Milk
  11. Principal Investigator. Abbott DW (PI). Title: “Spatial and structural characterization​ of Canadian seaweeds cultivated by Indigenous communities for cattle health.” 2022 Prize for Outstanding Achievement in Science, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  12. Co-PI. Singer, S (PI), Abbott DW (Co-PI) , Poudel, H. “Characterization of abiotic stress tolerant alfalfa genotypes for beef and dairy production in a changing climate.” RDAR-Agricultural Funding Consortium
  13. Co-Applicant. Gorzelak, M (PI), Yanni, S (Co-PI), Pacheco, A, Theriault, G, Krobel, R, Pogue, S, St. Luce, M, McAllister, TA, Zhang, H, Abbott, DW, Phillips, B, McComb, M, Stephens, E, Donohue, M, Chau, H. Title: “Maximizing agricultural climate solutions through integration of beneficial management practices.” Partner Organizations include: Food Water Wellness Foundation and The Resilience Institute. AAFC-Agricultural Climate Solutions, “Living Labs”

Research and/or project statements

Agricultural Glycomics: Developing methods to study carbohdyrate structure in complex samples, including: animal gut, plants, fungi, seaweeds, and environment.

Carbohydrate active enzyme discovery from sequence datasets and functional characterization of enzyme activity using MultiOMICs and bioinformatics (SACCHARIS).

Fluorescent Polysaccharides (FLA-PS): a glyco-enabling tool to visualize carbohdyrate interactions, study selective metabolism, and sort cells into enriched metagenomes for functional analysis.

Indigenous partnships and student training; weaving traditional and scientific knowledges to explore solutions for the impacts of climate change in agriculture.

Professional activities / interests

Education and awards

PhD, Biochemistry University of Victoria (2005). PhD thesis awarded the University of Victoria Governor General’s Gold Medal (2006) and Nominated for NSERC Silver Medal (2006)

BSc (Great Distinction), BIology (Major), Geography (Concentration), Trinity Western University (2000).

Research facility

5403 1st Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB T1J 4B1


University of Lethbridge, Departments of Biological Sciences; and Chemistry and Biochemistry

University of Calgary, Department of Microbiology, Immunity, and Infectious Diseases

Canadian Glycomics Network

Glycomics Institute of Alberta