Christopher Roberts

Regional Manager - Marine Water Quality Monitoring - Atlantic

Current research and/or projects

Managing EC's Marine Water Quality Monitoring program in the Atlantic Provinces, including:

  • coastal zone marine monitoring network of over 6000 locations in estuaries and near-shore marine waters
  • engineering assessments of wastewater treatment and pollution sources impacting marine water quality
  • regional delivery of EC's responsibilities under the Canadian Shellfish Sanitation Program (CSSP)

Professional activities / interests

Education and awards

B. Eng. Civil (Water Resources), Technical University of Nova Scotia (now Dalhousie)

Citations of Excellence (National Pollutant Release Inventory, 1998 and 2003; Marine Water Quality Monitoring, 2009, 2015)

Key publications

Co-author of several Environment Canada marine water quality reports:

Roberts, C., Craig, C., MacArthur, D., Klaamas, P. 2009. Re-evaluation report of Nova Scotia Shellfish Growing Area NS-18-010-001 - Annapolis Basin. EC Manuscript Report ST-AR-2009-04


Pouillot, R., Van Doren, J., et al. 2015. Reduction of Norovirus and Male-Specific Coliphage Concentrations in Wastewater Treatment Plants: a meta-analysis. Applied and Environmental Microbiology.

Roberts, C., Klaamas, P., Leblanc, C., Stobo, J. 2014. Sanitary Wastewater Assessments in Canadian Bivalve Molluscan Shellfish Areas. Proc. 9th International Conference on Molluscan Shellfish Safety.

Campbell, C., Roberts, C. 2000. A risk screening of substances in the National Pollutant Release Inventory. EPS-5-AR-00-3

Doiron, C., C. Roberts and L. Rutherford. 1998. Inventory of anthropogenic sources of mercury in Atlantic Canada. EPS-5-AR-98-1

O'Neill, H., R. Bingham, G. Howell, F.C. Duerden and C. Roberts. 1993. Development of an integrated environmental data base. Environmental Management. 17(2): 257-265.