Christopher Jauer

Image Christopher Drake Jauer
Petroleum Geophysicist

Previously an oil finder for the Canadian oil patch, I now research the how and why, or why not, of frontier areas of Canada for future petroleum activities as well as their environmental implications. This requires use of exploration geophysics, applied geology plus other methods like water sampling or sediment sampling. 

Key publications

Western Davis Strait, a volcanic transform margin with petroliferous features


Jauer, C D; Oakey, G N; Li, Q; Marine and Petroleum Geology vol. 107, 2019 p. 59-80, (NRCan Cont.# 20180146)


CCGS Hudson Expedition 2018042: GEM-2 Baffin marine survey activity report with preliminary results


Jauer, C D; Geological Survey of Canada, Open File 8542, 2019, 20 pages, (Open Access)      


Saglek Basin in the Labrador Sea, east coast Canada; stratigraphy, structure and petroleum systems


Jauer, C D; Oakey, G N; Williams, G; Wielens, J B W H; Haggart, J W, in Baffin Bay special issue; Bulletin of Canadian Petroleum Geology vol. 62, no. 4, 2014 p. 232-260, (ESS Cont.# 20130113)

Old marine seismic and new satellite radar data: Petroleum exploration of north west Labrador Sea, Canada


Jauer, C D; Budkewitsch, P; Marine and Petroleum Geology vol. 27, issue 7, 2010 p. 1379-1394, (ESS Cont.# 20090282)