Christian Gagnon

Research Scientist and Section Head - Geochemistry Specialist

Current research and/or projects

Contribution to the protection and conservation of aquatic ecosystems

  • Development of analytical methods for trace metal speciation in fluvial systems
  • Modelling of the fate and transport of metals in mine and municipal effluent receiving waters
  • Bioavailability and bioaccumulation of metals in fluvial environments
  • Fate of emerging substances (pharmaceuticals and nanomaterials) in municipal effluent receiving waters
  • Identification of natural degradation by-products

Professional activities / interests

Associate editor, Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (ET&C) Journal

Associate editor, Xenobiotics Journal

Federal co-chair, Water Quality Committee, St. Lawrence Action Plan (SLAP)

Education and awards

Environment Canada's Citation of Excellence – Canadian standards for petroleum hydrocarbons in soil

Environment Canada's Citation of Excellence – national assessment of nutrients in the environment

Key publications

Gagnon C., Turcotte P, Trépanier S, Gagné F, Cejka P. 2014. Impacts of municipal wastewater oxidative treatments: Changes in metal physical speciation and bioavailability. Chemosphere 97: 86-91.



Houle D.Marty C. Duchesne L. Gagnon C. 2014. Humus layer is the major locus of atmospheric sulfur transformation in boreal forests. Geochem. Cosmochem. Acta 126 : 18-29.


Gagné F, Auclair J, Fortier M, Fournier M, Turcotte P, Pilote M, Gagnon C. 2013. Bioavailability and  immunotoxicity of silver nanoparticles to the freshwater mussel Elliptio complanata J. Toxicol. Environ. Health, 76: 767-77.



Lajeunesse A, Blais M, Barbeau B, Sauvé S, Gagnon C. 2013. Ozone oxidation of antidepressants in primary-treated wastewater –Treatment evaluation and characterization of new N-oxyde by-products by LC-qTOFMS. Central Chem. J. 7: 15.


Gagnon C, Vigneault B. 2013. Metal speciation in aquatic ecotoxicology. In Férard, J.F., Blaise, C., (eds). Encyclopedia of Aquatic Ecotoxicology. Springer Publ., Dordrecht, The Netherlands p. 687-697.

Research facility

7th Floor, 105 McGill Street
Montréal, QC H2Y 2E7


Member of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC)

Member of the International Water Association (IWA)

Adjunct professor, Institut des Sciences de la Mer (ISMER)

Associate Researcher, Centre Interinstitutionnel de Recherche en Écotoxicologie (CIRÉ)