Chris Marvin

Research Scientist and Section Head - Environmental Analytical Chemist

Current research and/or projects

Develop knowledge of occurrence and fate of toxic substances in order to provide policy- and decision-makers with information to make sound decisions toward restoring and conserving Great Lakes ecosystems

  • Determination of the distribution, occurrence and fate of contaminants in the Great Lakes and associated Areas of Concern (AOCs)
  • Development of analytical methods for the measurement of persistent toxics of emerging concern in the Great Lakes
  • Determination of the occurrence and fate of current-use pesticides in Ontario lakes and rivers and their watersheds
  • Assess status, trends, and success of implemented management actions in Great Lakes AOCs
  • Study of cumulative impacts of anthropogenic activities on Great Lakes ecosystems

Professional activities / interests

Environmental analytical chemistry

Analytical methods development

Bioassay-directed fractionation

Sediment quality (contaminants)

Education and awards

B.Sc. Chemistry, University of Waterloo

M.Sc. Chemistry, Brock University

Ph.D. Chemistry, McMaster University

Key publications

Sverko, E., G.T. Tomy, C.H. Marvin, D. Zaruk, E. Reiner, P.A. Helm, B. Hill and B.E. McCarry. 2008. Dechlorane Plus levels in sediment of the lower Great Lakes. Environmental Science and Technology. 42:361-366.

Marvin, C.H., G.T. Tomy, M. Alaee and G.A. MacInnis. 2006. Distribution of hexabromocyclododecane in Detroit River suspended sediments. Chemosphere. 64:268-275.

Marvin, C.H., S. Painter and R. Rossmann. 2004. Spatial and temporal trends in mercury contamination in sediments of the Laurentian Great Lakes. Environmental Research. 95:351-362.

Marvin, C.H., G. MacInnis, M. Alaee, G. Arsenault and G.T. Tomy. 2007. Factors influencing enantiomeric fractions of hexabromocyclododecane measured using liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry. Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry. 21:1925-1930.

Marvin, C.H. and M.L. Hewitt. 2007. Analytical methods in environmental effects-directed analysis: Air particulate material. Reviews in Mutation Research. 636: 4-35.

Reiner, E.J., R.E. Clement, A.B. Okey and C.H. Marvin. 2006. Advances in analytical techniques for polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins, polychlorinated dibenzofurans and dioxin-like PCBs. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry. 386:791-806.

Research facility

867 Lakeshore Rd.
Burlington, ON L7S 1A1


Member of the Board of Directors of the Canadian Association for Water Quality, International Society for Polycyclic Aromatic Compounds, and the International Association for Great Lakes Research

Adjunct faculty - Brock University and the University of Guelph