Charles Vincent, Ph.D.

Image Charles Vincent
Retired Research Scientist (entomology)

Development of knowledge-based alternatives to insecticides for the management of horticultural insect pests. Development of biocontrol (e.g. biopesticides) and physical control methods. Insect rearing and experimentation in field and laboratory conditions. Bioassays of biopesticides.

Current research and/or projects

Development of knowledge-based alternatives to insecticides for the management of horticultural insect pests .

Research and/or project statements

Carisse, Odile; Newlands, Nathaniel; Vincent, Charles; Arseneault, Tanya; Fall, Mamadou Lamine; Simard, Marie-Josée; Laforest, Martin; Mimee, Benjamin; Sheedy, Claudia; Dumonceaux, Tim; Tremblay, Nicolas; Geng, Xiaoyuan; Bélec, Carl; Longchamps, Louis

Title: Influence of cultural practices and climate change on sustainability of grape production under northern conditions.

Period: 2018-2020


Gariepy, Tara; Mason, Peter, Gillespie, Dave; Floate, Kevin; De Clerck-Floate, Rosemarie; Olfert, Owen; Labbe, Roselyne; Vincent, Charles; Blatt, Suzanne; Noronha, Christine; Cossentine, Joan; Otani, Jennifer; Dunlop, Beverly; Ostrander, Dustin; Dixon, Peggy; Volkmar, Karl; Johnston, Della; Restoule, Anne

Title: Characterization of agents, trophic interactions, risks, and impacts in biological control of invasive pests: Developing modern tools to support sustainable pest management in Canadian agriculture systems, and provide scientific advice and data for improved implementation and regulation of exotic biological control agents

Period: 2016-2019


Dorais, M., Forge, T. Fitzpatrick, Sheila; Bittman, Shabtai; Haak, Dennis; Hunt, Derek; Bourgeois, Gaétan; Debnath, Samir; McKenzie, David; Hebb, Dale; Tian, Lining; Mills, Aaron; Ross, Kelly; Dixon, Peggy; Carisse, Odile; Moreau, Debra; Vincent, Charles; Forney, Charles; Song, Jun; Clément, Alain; Boye, Joyce; MacKenzie, Kenna; Telford, Gary; Charles, Marie Thérèse; Owen, Josée; KrishnaRaj, Sankaran; Siow, Yaw (Chris); Jamieson, Andrew (Kentville); Neilsen, Denise; Todd, Sandy; Girard, Benoit; Oosterveen, John; Anderson, Scott; Panneton, Bernard; Dossett, Michael; Johnston, Della; Volkmar, Karl; van Bochove, Eric; Hurley, Edward; Grimmett, Mark; Hodges, D. Mark; Giguère, Alain; Chagnon, Roger; Katepa-Mupondwa, Felicitas; Irvine, Byron; Renaud, Nathalie; Pratt, Wendy; Murphy, Peter; Cambouris, Athyna; Lajeunesse, Julie; Simard, Marie-Josée; Ziadi, Noura; Lafond, Jean; Jewell, Linda; Perron, Isabelle; Dumonceaux, Tim; Fillmore, Sherry

Title: Sustainable production and genetic enhancement of small fruit crops with improved market oriented quality attributes

Period: 2016-2019


Saguez, J., A.-E. Gagnon, C. Vincent

Title: Améliorer et accélérer le processus de sélection variétale du soya afin d'accroître les possibilités de mise en marché de nouvelles variétés possédant une résistance aux pucerons.

Period: 2017-2018

Professional activities / interests

Scientific productivity (in numbers, as of January 2021)

182 scientific publications (refereed) · 11 review papers (refereed) · 50 book chapters · 142 Proceedings of conferences · 3 special publications · 25 books (scientific edition) · 13 technical bulletins · 203 miscellaneous publications (non-refereed) · 201 scientific conferences (peer audience) · 223 scientific posters (peer audience) · 289 presentations (non-peer audience) · 66 media contacts · 92 invitations to give conferences (expenses paid) · 11 book reviews · 17 research reports · 36 graduate students (15 Ph.D., 22 M.Sc.) · 6 post-docs · >100 interns · 65 lectures at College and University levels · 30 Symposia co-organized worldwide.

Professional activities and interests (Selection)

● Lecturer (volunteer), Program “Innovateurs à l’école”. Lectures about insects to children of primary and secondary schools of Greater Montreal: 2-3 days per year (1996- present).

● Co-chair (C. Vincent & S. Clement (Washington State University, Pullman, WA)) of the Local Organization Committee, Joint Meeting, Entomological Society of America- Entomological Society of Canada/Entomological Society of Quebec, Montreal, Qc (3-7 December 2000).

● President, Entomological Society of Canada (2003-2004).

● Chair, Organizing Committee (C. Vincent, C. M. Buddle (McGill University), T. Wheeler (McGill University), J. Brodeur (Université de Montréal) & M. Cusson (Foresterie Canada, Ste-Foy, Qc), Joint meeting Entomological Society of Canada/Entomological Society of Quebec, Montreal, Qc (18-22 November 2006).

● President, Entomological Society of America (International Branch) (2010-2011).

● Co-organization (C. Vincent, B.J. Sinclair, J. F. Gibson, T.A. Wheeler orgs.) of the Workshop “Grant Writing: Success with Preparation”, Joint meeting, Entomological Society of Canada/Entomological Society of Ontario, Guelph, Ont. (20 October 2013).

● Judge, Student Presentations at the Joint meeting Entomological Society of Canada/Entomological Society of Ontario, Guelph, Ont. (21 October 2013).

● Member, Fellows Selection panel for Entomological Society of America (2013-2016).

● Judge, Student Presentations at the Joint meeting Entomological Society of Canada/Entomological Society of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Sask. (29 September 2014).

● Member, Program Committee for the Annual Congress of Ordre des Agronomes du Québec, Vaudreuil, Qc, (2-3 October 2014).

● Judge, Student Presentations, Entomological Society of America, Portland, Oregon (27 October 2014).

● Member, Insect Expo sub-Committee, International Congress of Entomology, Orlando, Florida (2014-2016).

● Member, Council of the International Congress of Entomology (2016-2021).

● Chair, Ad Hoc Committee on partnerships, Entomological Society of Canada (2017).

● Member representing the International Branch, ESA Finance Committee, Entomological Society of America (2017-2019; 2020-2023).

● Judge, Student Presentations, Ten min papers P-IE, IPM, Field Crops 1, Entomological Society of America meeting, Denver, Colorado (5 November 2017).

● Member, Achievement Committee (Comité des décorations), Société d’entomologie du Québec (2017).

● Member, Best Student paper Award (Comité d’évaluation concours Georges Maheux), Société d’entomologie du Québec (2017).

● Member, Student Scholarship Committee (Quebec Society for Protection of Plants) (2018).

● Chair, judging panel of posters presented at the XIX International Congress of Plant Protection (IPPC), Hyderabad, India (11 November 2019).

●  Co-organization (J. Saguez & C. Vincent, orgs), Symposium “Biodiversity and Global Change”. 3rd Annual Entomological Society of America- International Branch Virtual Symposium (29 April 2020).

● Vice-President, International Society for Pest Information (ISPI) (2020-).


Education and awards


1983 Ph.D. (Entomology) McGill University

Awards (selection)

2009 Commandeur de l'Ordre du Mérite agronomique: Ordre des Agronomes du Québec.

2010 Gold Medal: Entomological Society of Canada.

2012 Distinction entomologique: Société d'entomologie du Québec.

2012 Elected Associated Member ("Membre associé"): Académie d'Agriculture de France.

2013 L. O. Howard Distinguished Achievement Award: Entomological Society of America (Eastern Branch).

2013 Fellow: Entomological Society of America.

2014 Gold Harvest Award (Innovation, Collaboration and Service Excellence): Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

2014 Fellow: Royal Entomological Society (London, U.K.).

2015 Nominated by the Eastern Branch of the Entomological Society of America for the Award for Excellence in Integrated Pest Management.

2015  Fellow: Entomological Society of Canada.

2016  Distinguished Scientist Award: Entomological Society of America (International Branch).

2017  Gold Harvest Award (Career Achievement): Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

2017  Honorary Member: Société entomologique de France

2018  Honorary Member: Entomological Society of America

2019  International Plant Protection Award of Distinction: International Association for the Plant Protection Sciences (IAPPS).

2021 International IPM Lifetime Achievement Award of Excellence: 10th International IPM Symposium (Denver, Colorado, USA).

International experience and/or work

1983- present. Research Scientist (entomology), Research Station, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Qc

University appointments

1984- Adjunct professor, Department of Natural Resources Sciences (formely Department of Entomology), McGill University

1991- Adjunct professor, Département des Sciences Biologiques, Université du Québec à Montréal

2000- Professeur invité, Université de Picardie Jules Verne, Amiens, France


Key publications

  1. Mason, P.G., Gillespie, D.R. and Vincent C. (eds.) Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Biological Control of Arthropods, Langkawi, Malaysia 11-15 September 2017, CAB International, Wallingford, Oxon, UK, 366p.

    2017 - View publication details

  2. Vincent, C. (2016). "Les alternatives aux insecticides: considérations et réalisations.", Symposium «Alternatives aux insecticides systémiques», Organized by Equiterre and Association canadienne des médecins pour l’environnement, in collaboration with l’Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal, QC, Canada, 21 April 2016. (Presentation)

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  3. Vincent, C. (2016). "Main achievements in Quebec viticultural entomology.", Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC, Canada, May 16, 2016. (Presentation)

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  4. Vincent, C. (2016). "Alternatives to insecticides: a reality check.", Symposium “Systemic insecticides, Integrated Pest Management and alternatives to neonicotinoid insecticides”. Organized by the David Suzuki Foundation, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, April 19, 2016. (Presentation)

    2016 - View publication details

  5. Vincent, C., Bostanian, N.J., Buddle, C.M., Goulet, H., and Lasnier, J. (2016). "Les ennemis naturels des arthropodes des vignobles du Québec.", Antennae, 23(2), pp. 10-13.

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  6. Vincent, C., Boyetchko, S.M., Gariepy, T.D., and Mason, P.G. (2016). "La lutte biologique: principes, mode d’emploi, verrous et non-dits.", In Symposium «La lutte biologique: regards transatlantiques» (O. Carisse, C. Vincent, C. Regnault-Roger orgs.), Académie d’Agriculture de France, Paris, France, 9 mars 2016. (Presentation)

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  7. Boiteau, G. and Vincent, C. (2016). "Le radar harmonique portatif pour l‘étude des déplacements d’insectes.", Antennae, 23(1), pp. 14-17.

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  11. Vincent, C., Appleby, M., Eaton, A., Lasnier, J. (2016). Dissemination of Lathrolestes ensator (Ichneumonidae), a larval parasite of the European Apple Sawfly, Hoplocampa testudinea (Tenthredinidae), in Eastern North America. Biological Control, [online] 100 1-6.

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Research facility

430 Gouin Boulevard
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J3B 3E6


1978 - present: Quebec Association of Agronomists («Ordre des Agronomes du Québec»)

1978- present:  Entomological Society of Quebec («Société d’entomologie du Québec»)

1978- present:  Quebec Society for the Protection of Plants («Société de Protection des Plantes du Québec»)

1978- present:  Entomological Society of Canada («Société d’entomologie du Canada»)

1984- present:  Entomological Society of America

2012- present:   Académie d’agriculture de France (Elected Foreign Member, «Membre étranger»)

2014- present: Royal Entomological Society (London, U.K.)

2016- present: International Society for Pest Information (ISPI)