Catherine Yoshida, BSc MSc RMCCM

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Head of Diagnostic and Reference Services

Biologist and Supervisor, focusing on mycobacteriology

Current research and/or projects

Catherine Yoshida is the head of diagnostic and reference services at the National Reference Centre for Mycobacteriology (the “TB lab”). Her lab’s services aid in the investigation, control, and prevention of human disease within the population.

Her lab performs ISO 17025-accredited diagnostic, reference and surveillance services to provincial/territorial clients for all mycobacterium species, most notably for Mycobacterium tuberculosis.

She coordinates projects and leads the diagnostic team in the implementation of new diagnostic tests to meet client needs and improve efficiencies.

Research and/or project statements

  • Operates a national proficiency program, which tests and ensures the quality of provincial/territorial laboratory technologies for mycobacterial diagnostics

  • Successfully implemented the use of whole genome sequencing for routine diagnostics to identify Mycobacterium tuberculosis and predict drug resistance

  • Maintains a national database of M. tuberculosis genotyping data

  • Coordinates the deployment of NML lab experts and equipment to bring innovative TB testing where it is needed most in Northern Canadian communities

  • Invented the Salmonella in silico Typing Resource (SISTR)

  • Oversaw the successful accreditation and implementation of the Salmonella Genoserotyping Array (SGSA)

Professional activities / interests

Presents work at workshops and conferences across Canada and internationally

Education and awards


M.Sc. Microbiology and Molecular Biology, Department of Pathobiology, University of Guelph, 2002

B.Sc. (Hons.) Microbiology, Department of Microbiology, University of Guelph, 2000


Nominated for the Federal Partners in Technology Transfer Awards for the Salmonella Genoserotyping Array (SGSA) innovation, 2010

Key publications

G Labbe, P Kruczkiewicz, P Mabon, (…), C Yoshida, K Ziebell, A Nichani, R P. Johnson, G Van Domselaar, J H.E. Nash. Rapid and accurate SNP genotyping of clonal bacterial pathogens with BioHansel. bioRxiv 2020.01.10.902056.

Robertson J, Yoshida C, Gurnik S, McGrogan M, Davis K, Arya G, Murphy SA, Nichani A, Nash JHE. An improved DNA array-based classification method for the identification of Salmonella serotypes shows high concordance between traditional and genotypic testing. 2018. PLoS One.  

Robertson J, Yoshida C, Kruczkiewicz P, Nadon C, Nichani A, Taboada E, Nash JHE.  Comprehensive assessment of the quality of Salmonella whole genome sequence data available in public sequence databases using the Salmonella in silico Typing Resource (SISTR). Microbial Genomics. 17 January 2018.

Yachison CA, Yoshida C, Robertson J, (…), The PulseNet Canada Steering Committee, Celine Nadon. The validation and implications of using whole genome sequencing as a replacement for traditional serotyping for a National Salmonella Reference Laboratory. Front Microbiol 2017;8:1044.

Yoshida C, Gurnik S, Ahmad A, Blimkie T, Murphy SA, Kropinski AM, Nash JHE. 2016. Evaluation of molecular methods for the identification of Salmonella serovars. J Clin Microbiol. 2016.

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Yoshida CE, Kruczkiewicz P, Laing CR, Lingohr EJ, Gannon VP, Nash JH, Taboada EN. 2016. The Salmonella In Silico Typing Resource (SISTR): An Open Web-Accessible Tool for Rapidly Typing and Subtyping Draft Salmonella Genome Assemblies. PLoS One 11(1):e0147101.

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Yoshida C, Franklin K, Konczy P, McQuiston JR, Fields PI, Nash JH, Taboada EN, and K Rahn.  2007. Methodologies towards the development of an oligonucleotide microarray for determination of Salmonella serotypes. J. Microbiol. Methods.  70: 261–271.

Research facility

1015 Arlington Street
Winnipeg, MB R3E 3M4