Caroline Savage

Biologist - Plant Ecology

Current research and/or projects

Professional activities / interests

Biodiversity of vegetation on various spatial scales, development of integrated environmental indicators

Characterization of the heterogeneity of wetland habitats along the St. Lawrence and Lake Ontario as regards breeding birds

Spatial analysis of landscape contexts of wetland habitats: palustrine birds and anurous and benthos species

Education and awards

MSc Biology, specializing in plant ecology and geomatics, Université de Montréal

Master's from the Université de Montréal, Dean's Honour List

Key publications

DesGranges, J.L., J. Ingram, B. Drolet, J. Morin, C. Savage and D. Borcard. 2006. Modelling Wetland bird response to water level changes in the Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River hydrosystem. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 113: 329-365.

Research facility

7th Floor, 105 McGill Street
Montréal, QC H2Y 2E7