Calin Ungureanu

Image Calin Ungureanu
Remote Sensing Scientist

Satellite Remote Sensing

Current research and/or projects

LongTerm Satellite Data Records (LTSDR) of Canada and Circumpolar Arctic Region from MODIS and VIIRS

Cumulative Effects

Arctic Climate Change

Research and/or project statements

- Automation of 10 days clear sky composites from MODIS and VIIRS data for Canada and Circumpolar Arctic Long Term Satellite Data Records (LTSDR) process.

- Managing distributed image processing via web application centered on PostGres relational DB.


Education and awards

Algonquin Technology Institute – Algonquin College. Ottawa, Canada

E-Business Web Developer Certificate.


University "Pierre et Marie Curie-Paris VI"- GDTA Toulouse, France

Specialized Higher Education Diploma in Remote Sensing (DESS).


Research Institute for  Computing Technology, Bucharest, Romania

Oracle system and SQL course.


Bucharest University, Faculty of Geodesy, Institute of Civil Engineering, Bucharest, Romania

Bachelor of science.

Research facility

580 Booth Street
Ottawa, ON K1A 0E8



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