Brian L. Beres, Ph.D., P.Ag.

Image Brian Beres
Senior Research Scientist - Agronomy

Dr. Beres is internationally recognized as an authority who develops integrated crop management tools and solutions to sustain the economic and environmental viability of farming systems in western Canada.

Current research and/or projects

  • Best management practices to support the adoption of an ultra-early wheat seeding system in western Canada. 2018-2019. (Lead)

  • ASC-02 Canola Cluster Activity 9 - Manipulating agronomic factors for optimum canola harvest timing, productivity and crop sequencing. 2018-2022. (Lead)

  • ASC-08 Wheat Cluster Activity 21A - Winter Wheat Agronomy - CL0172 - Delivery of an Innovative Winter Wheat Agronomic Package to Achieve Sustainable Wheat Production in the Canadian Prairies. 2018-2023. (Lead)

  • Accounting for natural enemies in a dynamic action threshold for cereal leaf beetle. 2016-2019. (Team Member)

  • Cover crops as part of a rotation strategy to reduce pea root rot and other management options. 2017 -2021. (Team Member)

  • Cover cropping as part of a rotation strategy to reduce pea root rot. 2017 -2021. (Team Member)

  • Breeding spring wheat for improved Nitrogen Use Efficiency and associated traits. 2018-2020. (Team Member)

  • Reducing toxicity of seed-placed phosphorus fertilizer in oilseed crops. 2018-2021. (Team Member)

  • Canadian Field Crop Research Alliance (CFCRA). 2018-2023. (Team Member)

  • Weed seed-suppressive soils: managing herbicide-resistant weed populations at the source. 2018-2023. (Team Member)

  • ASC-06 Pulse Cluster Activity 9A - pea root rot - Breeding, physiology and agronomy to mitigate yield loss caused by root rots of pea. 2018-2023. (Team Member)

  • ASC-04 Agronomy Activity 5A - kochia management - Management of glyphosate-resistant kochia in western Canadian cropping systems. 2018-2023. (Team Member)

  • ASC-08 Wheat Cluster Activity 8: Breeding Improved Canada Western Amber Durum Cultivars. 2018-2023. (Team Member)

  • ASC-04 Agronomy Cluster Activity 8A - Soybean and Corn Cropping Systems - Integrated Crop Agronomy Cluster WGRF Agronomy - Economic and Agronomic Performance of Emerging Cropping Systems for Western Canada (ICAC #16). 2018-2023. (Team Member)

  • ASC-08 Wheat Cluster Activity 20A: Investigating crop management options to lessen the impact of fusarium head blight in wheat. 2018-2023. (Team Member)

  • ASC-11 Barley Cluster Activity#3 Breeding malting and food barley cultivars for western Canada at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada’s Brandon Research and Development Centre assisted by new technologies. 2018-2023. (Team Member)

  • ASC-11 Barley Cluster Activity 12: In-crop management strategies to reduce the impact of fusarium head blight in barley. 2018-2022. (Team Member)

  • ASP-004 POBC Prairie Oat Breeding Consortium. 2018-2023. (Team Member)

  • Project Title: ASP-002 CFCRA Corn Activity 1B - Development of short season, cold tolerant, disease resistant corn inbreds Activity 1. 2018-2023. (Team Member)

  • ASC-08 Wheat Cluster Activity #7 - CWRS Western Prairies for drought and heat stress. 2018-2023. (Team Member)

  • Reduce greenhouse gas emission from dung and urine patches and increase carbon sequestration credits for cow-calf production on pastures in Western Canada. 2018-2023. (Team Member)

Research and/or project statements

  • Enhancement of sustainable cereal and oilseed production systems
  • Agronomic, host plant resistance, and biocontrol strategies to manage arthropod cereal crop pests
  • Best management practices for corn silage production in the irrigated regions of Alberta and Saskatchewan
  • Characterization of agronomic, physiological, and morphological traits of elite triticale, wheat, barley, durum, oat, and flax germplasm

Professional activities / interests

  • Principle Investigator of several interdisciplinary research projects targeting agronomy and plant breeding issues for the benefit of agricultural producers agro-industry, the scientific community and government policy makers.
  • Experience in written oral and video communication to media industry and research community with over 100 invited presentations to date.
  • Management and mentoring of several technical and support staff, graduate students, post-doctoral fellows and visiting scientists.
  • Dr. Beres publishes in the areas of agronomy and crop science and has been the author or co-author of over 75 peer-reviewed research articles and 2 book chapters.

Education and awards


Ph.D. Plant Science - Agronomy, University of Alberta, 2011

M Ag. Plant Breeding/Agronomy, University of Alberta, 2000

B. A. Geography, University of Lethbridge, 1991

B. Ed. Social Studies, University of Lethbridge, 1991



  • 2019 – Alberta Seed Grower’s Lifetime Award.

  • 2016 - Recipient of the 2015 Gold Harvest Team Award in Innovation, Collaboration and Service Excellence presented to the Integrated Crop Management Team - Prairie Boreal Plain Eco-Zone.Dr. Beres was selected to receive the award on behalf of the 16-member team.

  • 2015 - Recipient of the 2014 Canadian Journal of Plant Science Outstanding Associate Editor Award.

  • 2015 - Recipient of the 2014 Field Crops Research Journal’s Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing.

  • 2015 - Seed of the Year – AC Andrew.AC Andrew was developed by Dr. Sadash Sadasivaiah et al. at Agriculture and Agri‐Food Canada’s Lethbridge Research Centre and was supported for registration in 2000 and described in the following 2004 publication:Sadasivaiah, R. S., Perkovic, S. M., Pearson, D. C., Postman, B. and Beres, B. L. 2004. Registration of AC Andrew wheat. Crop Science 44(2):696-697.

  • 2014 - Recipient of the 2013 Canadian Society of Agronomy Outstanding Paper Award in the Canadian Journal of Plant Science for the publication series cited below:

Beres, B.L., H.A. Cárcamo, J.R. Byers, F.R. Clarke, C.J. Pozniak, S.K. Basu, et al. 2013. Host plant interactions between wheat germplasm source and wheat stem sawfly Cephus cinctus Norton (Hymenoptera: Cephidae) I. Commercial cultivars. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 93:607-617.

Beres, B.L., H.A. Cárcamo, J.R. Byers, F.R. Clarke, C.J. Pozniak, S.K. Basu, et al. 2013. Host plant interactions between wheat germplasm source and wheat stem sawfly Cephus cinctus Norton (Hymenoptera: CephidaeII. Other germplasm. Canadian Journal of Plant Science 93: 1169-1177 doi:10.4141/CJPS2013-035.

  • 2014 - Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Instant Award in recognition of contributions and achievements during tenure as Acting Director of Operations/Associate Director, Research Development and Technology Transfer.

International experience and/or work

Chair of the Wheat Initiative Expert Working Group (EWG) for Agronomy, Dr. Beres assembled a core team of scientists from Australia and the USA to develop the EWG.  Dr. Beres then organized an international meeting and call for experts to populate the EWG.  He worked with Dr. Jerry Hatfield of the USDA-ARS to create an Agronomy EWG Community within the American Society of Agronomy.  The Agronomy EWG now has over 41 members worldwide. 

Key publications


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Research facility

5403 1st Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB T1J 4B1


Scientific Society Membership:

  • 2001–Present: Professional Agrologist Designation, Alberta Institute of Agrologists

  • 2000-Present: Active Member of the American Societies of Agronomy, Crop Science, and Soil Science

  • 2017-2018: Leader of Wheat Initiative Agronomists Community within Global Section of ASA

  • 2016-2017: Vice-Leader of Wheat Initiative Agronomists Community within Global Section of ASA

  • 2015-2016: Past-President, Canadian Society of Agronomy (2015-16)

  • 2014-2015: President, Canadian Society of Agronomy
  • 2013-2014: President elect, Canadian Society of Agronomy – President-elect

Committees and Commissions:

  • 2014-Present: Canada representative on the Research Committee of the Wheat Initiative Prairie Grain Development Commission – Elected to Executive in 2006 - 2013
  • 2001-Present: Prairie Recommending Committee for Wheat, Rye, and Triticale

  • 2000-Present: Alberta Cereal and Oilseed Advisory Committee – Board member

  • 2000-Present: Alberta Corn Committee – Ex-Officio; Hybrid Trial Coordinator

  • 2000-Present: Agronomy representative on the Canadian International Grains Institute’s Stakeholder Committee.

  • 2014-2017: Prairie Recommending Committee for Wheat, Rye, and Triticale – Cultivar Voting Panel member – Agronomy representative

  • 2010-2013: Prairie Recommending Committee for Wheat, Rye, and Triticale – Chair