Brent McCallum

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Research Scientist

I am a plant pathologist specializing in wheat leaf rust disease. My research is focussed on developing genetic resistance to leaf rust and working with plant breeders and geneticists to incorporate this resistance into Canadian wheat cultivars. My program is very collaborative with colleagues in many different research areas and at various research institutions across Canada and the world.

Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Current research and/or projects

Various research projects focussed on the genetics of wheat leaf rust resistance. This includes discovery of resistance, determination of the genetics of resistance, fine mapping resistance genes, marker development and gene cloning. I also research the causal organism Puccinia triticina conducting an annual virulence survey of the pathogen and other genetic research on this pathogen.

Research and/or project statements

- Genetics of wheat leaf rust resistance.

- Discovery of genetic resistance to diseases in wheat.

- Annual virulence survey of the wheat leaf rust causal organism Puccinia triticina.

- Resistance screening for wheat cultivars in development.

- Mitigating emerging threats to Canadian wheat.

Professional activities / interests

- Genetics.

- Wheat.

- Plant Pathology.

Education and awards

Ph.D. University of Minnesota 1995

M.Sc. University of Manitoba 1991

B.Sc.A. University of Manitoba 1989

International experience and/or work

- Collaborative research projects with colleages in many countries including Brazil, United States, United Kingdom, and New Zealand.

Key publications

For a complete list of publications, please visit: AAFC Online

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Canadian Phytopathological Society.