Bob Rowsell

Head, Instrumentation Services - Providing instrumentation and data quality control (QC) to science & monitoring programs

Current research and/or projects

Provides specialized environmental field equipment and data quality analysis for internal and external partners; this includes designing, fabricating, and calibrating systems and sensors used primarily for aquatic research

  • Acoustic Doppler and 'Time of Flight' current meters for moored and moving boat applications
  • Water Quality sondes for moored and profiled applications onboard large and small vessels
  • Climate and other data collection systems for remote applications
  • Temperature and Energy balance studies of large water bodies
  • Quality control measures for all above mentioned equipment and the data sets collected from them

Professional activities / interests

15 years experience working with Acoustic Doppler and 'Time of Flight' current meters

Developing climate and other data acquisition systems for remote data collection in moored and land-based applications

Writing and compiling instruction material for field equipment, and instructing individuals both at the national and international levels on the proper setup and use of equipment to maximize data quality

Developing methods for deploying field instrumentation and advising on best measurement practices

Education and awards

M.Sc. Geography, McMaster University

B.Sc. Hon. Geography, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Canadian Association of Geographers Undergraduate Award, 1988

Key publications

Beltaos, S., P.E. Bergeron, R. Pilling and R.D. Rowsell. 2007. ADCP measurement of bathymetry and velocity field over a deep scour hole in the Mackenzie River Delta. 2007 USGS Surface Water Conference and Hydroacoustics Workshop. St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

Rowsell, R.D. and R. Murthy. 2006. Costal Physical Limnology of Lake Huron. Second International Symposium on the Lake Huron Ecosystem, Honey Harbour, Ontario, Canada.

Yerubandi R. and R.D. Rowsell. 2007. Currents, temperature and light transmission at Hamilton and Scourge shipwreck site in Lake Ontario. Environment Canada Internal Report, Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

Rowsell, R.D. and M. Skafel. 2002. Comparison of Current Meters in a Coastal Environment. Oceans 2002, Mississippi Coast Coliseum & Convention Center, Biloxi, Mississippi, USA.

Schertzer, W.M., W.R. Rouse., R.C. McCrimmon, R.D. Rowsell and P.D. Blanken. 2003. Interannual Variability in Temperature, Heat Content and Bulk Heat Exchange of Great Slave Lake 1998-2000. GEWEX-MAGS Annual Workshop, Montreal, Quebec.

Woo, M.K. and R.D. Rowsell. 1993. Climate and Hydrology of a Prairie Slough, 1993. Atmospheric Environment Service, National Hydrology Research Centre, Saskatoon Saskatchewan.

Research facility

867 Lakeshore Rd.
Burlington, ON L7S 1A1