Bhaja K. Padhi, PhD, DABT


Hazard Identification Division

Current research and/or projects

Neurotoxic Hazard Identification of environmental chemicals using molecular and genomic approaches.

Research and/or project statements

  • Impact of toxicants on brain developmental process such as myelination.
  • Methodology development for proper measurement of gene transcript level following toxicant exposure.
  • Development of biomarker for neurotoxicity risk assessment.

Professional activities / interests


Diplomate, American Board of Toxicology (DABT) since 2014.

Professional Association Memebrship:

  • Society of Toxicology (SOT), USA.

  • American College of Toxicology (ACT), USA.

  • International Neurotoxicology Association (INA),The Netherlands.

  • Society of Neuroscience (SfN), USA.

Manuscript Reviewer Research Journals:

Toxicological Sciences,Toxicology and Industrial Health,  Comparative  Biochemistry and Physiology-Toxicology and Pharmacology,                      Journal of Environmental Health, In vitro Cellular &.Developmental Biology-Animal.



Education and awards

Postdoctoral Fellow (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, University of Ottawa)

Key publications

Padhi, B.K., Singh, M., Rosales, M., Pelletier, G and Cakmak, S.  2018.  A  PCR-based quantitative assay for the evaluation of mRNA integrity in rat.  Biomolecular Detection and Quantification. 15:18-23.

Padhi, B. K., Singh, M., Huang, N., and Pelletier, G.  2016. A PCR-based approach to assess  genomic DNA contamination in RNA: Application to rat RNA samples. Analytical Biochemistry, 494:49-51.

Padhi, B. K., Rosales, M., and Pelletier, G.  2015. Perinatal exposure to methyl mercury down- regulated Plp1 and Cnp splice variants in juvenile rat cerebellum. Neurotoxicology,48:223-230.

Padhi, B.K., Zigler, Jr. J.S., Padhi, P., Hose, S., and Sinha, D. 2014. Expression pattern of an evolutionarily conserved splice variant in the rat Tacc2 gene. Genesis, 52:378-386.

Padhi, B.K., and Pelletier, G. 2012. Perturbation of Myelin basic protein (Mbp) splice variant expression in developing rat cerebellum following perinatal exposure to  methylmercury. Toxicology Letters, 213:374-380.

Zhang, J., Wagh P., Guay, D., Sanchez-Pulido, L., Padhi, B.K., Korzh, V., Andrade-Navarro, M. A., and Akimenko, M-A.  2010. Loss of fish actinotrichia proteins  and the fin-to-limb transition. Nature, 466:234-238.

Padhi, B.K., Pelletier, G., Williams, A., Berndt, L., Yauk, C., Bower, W.J., and Chu, I. 2008. Gene expression profiling in rat cerebellum following in utero and lactational exposure to mixtures of methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls and organochlorine pesticides. Toxicology Letters, 176:93-103.

Padhi, B.K., Akimenko, M-A., and Ekker, M. 2006. Independent expansion of the keratin  gene family in teleostean fish and mammals: An insight from phylogenetic analysis and radiation  hybrid mapping of keratin genes in zebrafish. Gene, 368:37-45.

Padhi, B.K., Jolly, L., Tellis, P., Smith, A., Nanjappa, P., Chevrette, M., Ekker, M., and Akimenko, M-A.  2004. A screen for genes differentially expressed during  regeneration of the zebrafish caudal fin. Developmental Dynamics, 231:527-541.