Benjamin Mimee

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Research scientist - Nematology

Development of alternative methods for the management of plant parasitic nematodes

Current research and/or projects

Genomic tools for the control of Heterodera glycines, an emerging pest of soybean

Assessment and eradication of Globodera spp. in production of potato (

SoyaGen: Improving yield and disease resistance in short-season soybean (

Integrated pest management of the stem and bulb nematode, Ditylenchus dipsaci

Biovigilance for the sustainability of organic soils

Characterization of agriculture microbiomes to monitor the effect of environmental perturbations on biodiversity and pest incidence

Research and/or project statements

Integrated pest management: development and validation of IPM program for plant parasitic nematodes.

Genomics and population genetics of nematodes: virulence mechanisms, routes of introduction, population evolution/adaptation in time, impact of climate change on pest development and management, identification of genes of interest for control, plant-nematode interactions to support breeding programs.

Biodiversity: measure the impact of agricultural practices on soil microbiome and ecological functions.

Education and awards

Recepient of the Syngenta Crop Protection Award 2018, presented by Syngenta and the Society of Nematologist (SON) to a person who has made contributions in nematology, which has led to significant advancement in agriculture.

Key publications

  1. Dick, K., Samanfar, B., Barnes, B., Cober, E.R., Mimee, B., Tan, L.H., Molnar, S.J., Biggar, K.K., Golshani, A., Dehne, F., Green, J.R. (2020). PIPE4: Fast PPI Predictor for Comprehensive Inter- and Cross-Species Interactomes. Scientific Reports, [online] 10(1),

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  2. Varypatakis, K., Véronneau, P.Y., Thorpe, P., Cock, P.J.A., Lim, J.T.Y., Armstrong, M.R., Janakowski, S., Sobczak, M., Hein, I., Mimee, B., Jones, J.T., Blok, V.C. (2020). The genomic impact of selection for virulence against resistance in the potato cyst nematode, globodera pallida. Genes, [online] 11(12), 1-20.

    2020 - View publication details

  3. Audette, C., Bélanger, R.R., Mimee, B. (2020). Coinfection of soybean plants with Phytophthora sojae and soybean cyst nematode does not alter the efficacy of resistance genes. Plant Pathology, [online] 69(8), 1437-1444.

    2020 - View publication details

  4. Vieira, P., Peetz, A., Mimee, B., Saikai, K., Mollov, D., MacGuidwin, A., Zasada, I., Nemchinov, L.G. (2020). Prevalence of the root lesion nematode virus (RLNV1) in populations of Pratylenchus penetrans from North America. Journal of Nematology, [online] 52 1-10.

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  5. Poirier, S., Dauphinais, N., Bélair, G., Gravel, V., Mimee, B. (2019). Validation of extraction methods for diagnosis of the stem and bulb nematode Ditylenchus dipsaci. Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, [online] 41(4), 597-602.

    2019 - View publication details

  6. Poirier, S., Dauphinais, N., Van Der Heyden, H., Véronneau, P.Y., Bélair, G., Gravel, V., Mimee, B. (2019). Host range and genetic characterization of ditylenchus dipsaci populations from Eastern Canada. Plant Disease, [online] 103(3), 456-460.

    2019 - View publication details

  7. Gendron St-Marseille, A.F., Bourgeois, G., Brodeur, J., Mimee, B. (2019). Simulating the impacts of climate change on soybean cyst nematode and the distribution of soybean. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, [online] 264 178-187.

    2019 - View publication details

  8. Gagnon, A.È., Boivin, G., Bélair, G., Mimee, B. (2019). Prevalence of a nematode castrator of the carrot weevil and impact on fecundity and survival. Parasitology (UK), 702-707.

    2019 - View publication details

  9. Mimee, B., Dauphinais, N., Bélair, G. (2019). “Piler Dirt” survey for the sampling and detection of potato cyst nematodes. Plant Disease, [online] 103(8), 2065-2069.

    2019 - View publication details

  10. Mimee, B., Lord, E., Véronneau, P.Y., Masonbrink, R., Yu, Q., den Akker, S.E.v. (2019). The draft genome of Ditylenchus dipsaci. Journal of Nematology, [online] 51(1), 1-3.

    2019 - View publication details

  11. Rashidifard, M., Fourie, H., Véronneau, P.Y., Marais, M., Daneel, M.S., Mimee, B. (2018). Genetic diversity and phylogeny of South African Meloidogyne populations using genotyping by sequencing. Scientific Reports, [online] 8(1),

    2018 - View publication details

  12. St-Marseille, A.F.G., Lord, E., Véronneau, P.Y., Brodeur, J., Mimee, B. (2018). Genome scans reveal homogenization and local adaptations in populations of the soybean CYST nematode. Frontiers in Plant Science, [online] 9

    2018 - View publication details

  13. Dauphinais, N., Vandal, M., Gagnon, A.È., Bélair, G., Véronneau, P.Y., Mimee, B. (2018). Development and application of a multiplex qPCR method for the simultaneous detection and quantification of pratylenchus alleni and P. Penetrans in Quebec, Canada. Plant Disease, [online] 102(5), 970-976.

    2018 - View publication details

  14. Sabeh, M., Duceppe, M.O., St-Arnaud, M., Mimee, B. (2018). Transcriptome-wide selection of a reliable set of reference genes for gene expression studies in potato cyst nematodes (globodera spp.). PLoS ONE, [online] 13(3),

    2018 - View publication details

  15. Mimee, B., Soufiane, B., Dauphinais, N., Bélair, G. (2017). A qRT-PCR method to evaluate viability of potato cyst nematode (Globodera spp.). Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, [online] 39(4), 503-513.

    2017 - View publication details

  16. Rioux, S., Mimee, B., Gagnon, A.È., Hambleton, S. (2015). First report of stripe rust (Puccinia striiformis f. Sp.Tritici) on wheat in Quebec, Canada. Phytoprotection, [online] 95(1), 7-9.

    2015 - View publication details

  17. Mimee, B., Andersen, R., Bélair, G., Vanasse, A., Rott, M. (2014). Impact of quarantine procedures on weed biodiversity and abundance: Implications for the management of the golden potato cyst nematode, Globodera rostochiensis. Crop Protection, [online] 55 21-27.

    2014 - View publication details

  18. Boucher, A.C., Mimee, B., Montarry, J., Bardou-Valette, S., Bélair, G., Moffett, P., Grenier, E. (2013). Genetic diversity of the golden potato cyst nematode Globodera rostochiensis and determination of the origin of populations in Quebec, Canada. Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, [online] 69(1), 75-82.

    2013 - View publication details

Research facility

430 Gouin Boulevard
Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC J3B 3E6


Adjunct Professor

Université de Montréal (since 2013)

Adjunct Professor

Université Laval (since 2016)