Ben W Thomas, Ph.D.

Image Ben W. Thomas
Research Scientist – Agroecology

My program involves studying how ecological processes can be applied to regenerate agroecosystems. We treat each farm, like a tiny planet Earth, to try to make it as self-renewing and ecologically efficient as possible.

Direct line: 604-799-6765

Office: 604-796-6086

Current research and/or projects

Currently, we are assessing how soil organic carbon fractionates through the various soil organic matter pools in manure-amended soils. This is help to determine the carbon sequestration potential of manure-amended soils. We also assess how the soil's health is altered by long-term intensive agricultural management, a reality faced by many multi-generation farmers in Canada.

Professional activities / interests

Technical Editor, Canadian Journal of Plant Science

Associate Editor, Canadian Journal of Soil Science

Education and awards

Doctor of Philosophy (Natural Resource Sciences), McGill University (2016)

Master of Resource and Environmental Management, Dalhousie University (2012)

Bachelor of Science (Biology), University of Prince Edward Island (2009)

Key publications

Peer-Reviewed Scientific Manuscripts

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