Andrée Gendron

Biologist - Freshwater aquatic fauna

Current research and/or projects

Contributing to Environment Canada’s mandate to ensure aquatic ecosystems are protected and conserved, through research into the cumulative effects of environmental stressors on the health of amphibians and freshwater fish

  • Impact of agricultural activities on the dynamics of parasitic infections in amphibians: host/parasite relationship, structure and composition of parasite communities in disturbed habitats
  • Combined effects of anthropogenic (pollution) and natural (parasites) stressors on amphibian and freshwater fish health
  • Parasitism and invasive exotic species: risk of transmission of exotic parasites detrimental to receiving ecosystem; competitive advantage over native species due to parasite release; interplay between introduced hosts and native parasites

Professional activities / interests

Conservation and protection of aquatic species (amphibian and fish)

Member, western chorus frog recovery team in Quebec: recovery planning and implementation, habitat conservation

Education and awards

M.Sc. Ecotoxicology and stress response, Department of biological sciences, University of Québec at Montréal

Environment Canada Award of Excellence

Key publications

Gendron, A.D., Marcogliese, D.M. and M. Thomas. 2011. Invasive species are less parasitized than native competitors, but for how long? The case of the round goby in the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Basin. Biological invasions. 10.1007/s105030-011-0083-y.

Marcogliese, D.J. Gendron, A.D. and D.K. Cone. 2009. Impact of municipal effluents and hydrological regime on myxozoan parasite communities of fish. International Journal of Parasitology. 39:1345-1351.

Marcogliese, D.J. Gendron, A.D. and P. Dumont. 2009. Parasites of illegally-introduced tench (Tinca tinca) in the Richelieu River, Québec, Canada. Comparative Parasitology. 76(2):222-228.

King, K.C., A.D. Gendron, J.D. McLaughlin, I. Giroux, P. Brousseau, D. Cyr, S.M. Ruby, M. Fournier and D.J. Marcogliese. 2008. Short-term seasonal changes in parasite community structure in northern leopard froglets (Rana pipiens) inhabiting agricultural wetlands. Journal of Parasitology. 94:13-22.

Angers, V.A., L. Bouthillier, A.D. Gendron et T. Montpetit. 2008. Plan de conservation de la rainette faux-grillon en Montérégie - Ville de La Prairie. Centre d’information sur l’environnement de Longueuil et Équipe de rétablissement de la rainette faux-grillon de l’Ouest au Québec, 39 p.

Marcogliese, D.J., L.Gagnon Brambilla, F. Gagné and A.D. Gendron. 2005. Joint effects of parasitism and pollution on biomarkers of oxidative stress in yellow perch (Perca flavescens). Dis. Aquat. Org. 63: 77-84.

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