André Laroche Ph.D.

Image André Laroche
Research Scientist in Functional Genomics of Cereals


I am a plant molecular biologist with activities in identification of novel stripe rust resistance genes, in modification of a known defeated stripe rust resistance genes to engineer its functionality against novel isolates of stripe rust, in measuring wheat transcripts when modifying circadian clock genes in wheat toward improving its response to abiotic stresses under a climate change reality and in pyramiding a collection of different disease resistance genes in elite winter wheat germplasm using marker assisted selection.

Current research and/or projects

I use molecular genetic techniques to study plant response to fungal pathogens and to to environment, plant development and organization of plant fungal pathogens toward protecting yield of cereal crops.  

Upcycling a defeated R gene of wheat, 2019-22      

Circadian clock editing in wheat-ccWheat, 2019-23

Stomata signalling for wheat yield, 2019-23

A3GP disease forecasting, 2019-22                              

Nanocarrier technology for cereal seed treat, 2019-22

Improved Winter Wheat for Western Canada, 2018-23

Crop and Environment Interactions, 2018-21

Fungal and Bacterial Biosystematics, 2019-24

Research and/or project statements

  • Modification of known genes to improve cereal resistance against pests and abiotic stress
  • Identification of novel genes to improve cereal resistance to pathogens
  • Identification and quantification of crop pathogens using highly sensitive and specific techniques
  • Pyramiding many different disease resistance genes in elite winter wheat germplasm
  • Participating in mutlidisciplinary teams to improve diagnostic of pest impact on crops

Professional activities / interests

  • Cereal interaction with fungal pathogens
  • Cereal development and interaction with environment
  • Transcriptome analysis and gene identification of plant interactions with pathogens and environment
  • Training of undergraduate and graduate students in plant molecular genetics


Education and awards

Ph.D. 1987 Plant Sciences Western

M.Sc. 1983 Biology (Plant Physiology & Biochemistry) Sherbrooke

B.Sc. 1979 Biology (Physiology & Biochemistry) Sherbrooke


1989 - present: Wheat Molecular Geneticist, Lethbridge Research & Development Centre. Functional genomics of cereals.


1992 - present: Adjunct Professor, Department Of Biological Sciences (1992-1997 and 2005-present), Department Of Chemistry And Biochemistry (1997-2005), University of Lethbridge.


1987 - 1989: Visiting Fellow with Dr. J. Singh, Plant Research Centre, AAFC Ottawa. Molecular mechanisms of freezing tolerance in members of the Cruciferae

International experience and/or work

  • Co-supervisor of International Graduate Students

Key publications

  1. Cradduck, M., Pahari, S., Laroche, A., Schultz, E., Larsen, R.J. January 25, 2019. Perennial wheat habit and expression of cold tolerance and flowering time genes. Biology Graduate Research Symposium. Lethbridge, AB.

    2019 - View publication details

  2. Fujita, Kaden, Michele Frick, André Laroche. 2018. Modification of the Stripe Rust Resistance Gene Yr10 in Triticum aestivum. Proceedings of the Undergraduate Research in Science Conference of Alberta (URSCA). Vol 4 2018 Poster abstracts.

    2018 - View publication details

  3. Van Essen, Darren, Michele Frick, André Laroche. 2018. Modifying the Stripe Rust Resistance Gene Yr10 in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by PCR Mutagenesis. Proceedings of the Undergraduate Research in Science Conference of Alberta (URSCA). Vol 4 2018 Poster abstracts.

    2018 - View publication details

  4. Dhariwal, R., Fedak, G., Dion, Y., Pozniak, C., Laroche, A., Eudes, F., Randhawa, H.S. (2018). High density single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) mapping and quantitative trait loci (QTL) analysis in a biparental spring triticale population localized major and minor effect fusarium head blight resistance and associated traits QTL. Genes, [online] 9(1),

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  8. Larsen J, Pahara S, Cradduck M, Frick M, Laroche A. 2017. Characterization and comparison of expressed genes associated with life strategies in tall wheatgrass and wheat.Proceedings of the 8th International Triticale Symposium. Wernigerode (Germany). June 12-16, 2017.

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  9. Dhariwal, G.K., Laroche, A. (2017). The future of genetically engineered plants to stabilize yield and improve feed. Animal Frontiers, [online] 7(2), 5-8.

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  10. Zaidi, M.A., O’Leary, S.J.B., Wu, S., Chabot, D., Gleddie, S., Laroche, A., Eudes, F., Robert, L.S. (2017). Investigating Triticeae anther gene promoter activity in transgenic Brachypodium distachyon. Planta, [online] 245(2), 385-396.

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  11. Tulpan, D., Léger, S., Goyal, R.K., Laroche, A., and Foroud, N.A. (2016). "Computational identification of potentially new mitogen-activated protein kinases in cereals via orthology prediction and phylogenetic analysis.", Canadian Wheat Alliance Science and Business Meeting, Saskatoon, SK, Canada, 27-29 June, 2016. (Poster)

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  20. Foroud, N.A., Goyal, R.K., Frick, M., Xu, Y., Chomistek, N., and Laroche, A. (2015). Annotation of Triticea mitogen activated protein kinases (MAPKs). (accessions KT187392-KT187393; KR422425-KR422427) and corresponding protein sequences (accessions AKS50324-AKS50325; AKL80627-AKL80629) were deposited into GenBank.

    2015 - View publication details

Research facility

5403 1st Avenue South
Lethbridge, AB T1J 4B1


  Adjunct Professor, Department Of Biological Sciences, University of Lethbridge