Andre Craan, Ph.D.

Image Andre G. Craan
Scientific Evaluator

1) Pre-market & Post-market Review of Biologics & biotechnological Drugs2) Risk/Benefit Assessment of Drugs

Current research and/or projects

Pharmacovigilance & monitoring of emerging pathogens and therapeutic technologies

Professional activities / interests

1) Post-market surveillance, signalling and assessment of adverse drug reactions

2) Evaluation of research on efficacy testing of antimicrobial agents for use on environmental surfaces and medical devices for regulatory purpose

3) Health hazard evaluation of marketed disinfectant products

4) Human health risk assessment of phthalate plasticizers in commercial products

5) Study of potential contribution of the increased use of biocides to antibiotic resistance

Education and awards


Certified Safety Assessor    Cosmetics in the EU, University of Brussels                    2001

Certificate                              Public Administration, University of Ottawa                    1996

DESS Toxicology                 School of Graduate Studies, University of Montreal        1986

Ph. D.                                     Physiology, University of Montreal                                 1977

M. S.                                       Biology, Portland State University                                  1971

B. S.                                       Biology - Minor in Chemistry, Portland State University  1969

B.A.                                        Arts and Letters, St-Martial College, Haiti, W.I.                1965

Post-doctoral Training:

Post-doctoral Fellow           Genetics Unit, Shriners’ Hospital of Montreal, McGill Univ. 1977-79 

Post-doctoral Fellow           Dept. Clinical Biochemistry, Banting Institute, U of T           1976-77                                             

Awards and Grants:

Best Poster Award at the Health Canada Science Forum                                                2012

PSU Outstanding International Alumni Award,   2011

ADM Excellence Award for Collaborative Leadership in the H1N1 Team                         2009                   

Health Canada Outstanding Mentor                                                                                  2008

DM Award for contributing to HC science & policy on phthalate (DINP) plasticizers        1998

Canadian Biotechnology Strategy                                                      $98,000                  1999-2000

Medical Research Council of Canada                                                 $87,414                 1986-88

Quebec Occupational Safety and Health Institute (IRSSTQ)               $84,000                1982-84

Post-doctoral fellow of Quebec Ministry of Education & Shriners of North America          1976-79

Doctoral scholarship from the Quebec Ministry of Education                                             1974-76

Undergraduate and graduate scholarships from the State of Oregon, USA                       1966-71

Institute of International Education-related student, 800, United Nations Plaza, NY           1966-67


International experience and/or work

2002-2009: Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) for Hard Surface Disinfectants: Validation Management Group on Harmonized Test Methodologies

Regular Peer-Reviewer for scientific & medical journals, e.g., 1) Pediatrics, 2) Archives of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 

Professional Memberships/Affiliations:

Drug Information Association (DIA)                                                                                  2012-present

Society of Toxicology of Canada                                                                                      2003-present

Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology                               2003-2004

American College of Toxicology                                                                                       1999-present

American Association for the Advancement of Science                                                    1992-94

Association des biologistes du Québec                                                                              1988-2002

Pan American Medical Association, Nephrology Council                                                   1988-93

New York Academy of Sciences                                                                                         1985-93

American Society of Nephrology                                                                                         1983-93

American Federation for Clinical Research, U.S.A.                                                             1982-93

Club de recherches cliniques du Québec                                                                             1979-93

Association canadienne-francaise pour l'avancement des sciences                                    1973-96


Key publications


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